Friday, July 22, 2016

Quechee Camping Trip 2016

It is that time again. Olivia and I seem to be setting up a tradition of camping together at Quechee State Park and once again it didn't fail to be a fantastic time. We arrived on Thursday with a chance of rain and thunder so for now all equipment was stowed in the lean-to.
We got right down to the Gorge as we knew we had limited time. I am happy to say we asked the first person we found to take our picture together. I feel like there are not enough of us as a family just me taking them of the kids.

Isn't this picture great? Amazingly after she swam for about an hour we decided to go back to camp  and got caught in a downpour. It wasn't bad in the woods but once back on the camp road we got a little wet.
We decided to take a drive so we changed into some dry clothes and drove Rt 4 all the way to Killington. Our plan was to go Friday and do the Adventure Park there.
Along the way we took photos and Liv had fun videoing our drive only to play it back at fast speed. As we were driving I noted a sign for some Falls. Oh you know I am doing that. So far we had really nixed all plans for hiking besides taking the somewhat sucky trail from the campground down to the Gorge.
On our return I took the left. Olivia was not happy and did the typical 13 year old walk ahead and murmur and stomp back to the car but I wasn't missing it and I am becoming immune to the Teenager Horrors.
Anyway this was the trail from a little 5-6 car parking area. I was surprised. The walk way was surrounded by vegetation, flowers and small little waterways.

This seemed so cool to me, like what is thru this magical doorway? Also at this point everything is flat but I can hear the water. After a short wooded path we came to a platform and THIS! Thundering Falls, Hello! How nice to meet you. This photo looks sort of flat but it was huge and that branch across it was actually a large tree.

Now on our way in I see a sign that I will investigate on my way out.
Do you see what it says?
Wait, I'm on the Appalachian Trail? I turn around because if that is South where is North? The arrow points to the way I just came. I didn't even notice on that walk way down low on the post was a white blaze.
OMG, I covered a few 100 feet on the AT in Vermont.
When we exited I looked for the Northbound trail and across from the parking area I found this. Just a single lane that twisted right off into the woods. I have such a romantic view of the AT. I have barely experienced it but it just seems so magical to be able to travel from town to town and state to state via these trails.

So I am sure you would like to hear all about our exciting shenanigans but really these few photos cover it. I have many more but basically we played Monopoly both nights, we swung in the hammock both singly and together and we swam in the Gorge. The second day I was told we would be buying a bathing suit so I could swim too.
I did it for her.
She doesn't know it but I am pretty scared to do some things and swimming in the Gorge was not something I wanted to do but I did not want her to learn fear from me. Once in, she told me we would swim across and climb up the rocks. We walked all the way up until the white water began and we slid in, floating all the way back to the popular swimming area. I laid back and looked at the beautiful sky and the walls of the Gorge and thanked her for making me do it. I swear you could smell Summer as you floated.
We cooked dinner on the fire. Haddock in a foil packet was actually our dinner for 2 nights because we loved it so much.
We talked while we swung. This part I enjoyed more than she will ever know.

On Saturday we were due to check out and I wanted to go to this Sporting good store.  I found a flyer for Sam's Sporting Goods in Brattleboro and I am looking for some new hiking boots. We hopped on Route 91 and headed south. What a great road though the green mountains. Sam's was having a giant sale with boxes out on the sidewalk all the way around the corner. Half price hiking socks for miles!!
Incredible store which I will be hitting again for sure. Sadly no boots.
I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook but after posting that I had been here I found out an old family friend was camping at a KOA just up the road. Sadly we were about 20 miles south in Massachusetts now but we made the executive decision to bang a U turn and camp there.
Once we got all set up we found they had headed out on their motorcycle so we went on our own adventure. The camp store provided a list of local swimming hole and I picked the last one because it included a waterfall with a secret door.
On our way we found a super delicious place called the Blueberry Haus where we bought the most delicious fresh lemon ice cream and a pint of blueberries which sadly didn't even make it back to the campground.
Here is the Green River Bridge. It was being completely rehabilitated so we couldn't drive across and enter the normal way. Olivia located a rope so we could basically repel down this side.
Always an adventure when it comes to us Berry girls.

Of course Olivia has no fear and swims right in. She explored the waterfall and told me the little secret room was like a wedge shape and creepy so she left.

Back at the site I had the cool experience of introducing my daughter to an old friend of my Mom's. He knew me when I was her age and I loved him. Funny and sweet and just a great man. They laughed right off the bat and set up a date to swim in the pool after dinner. I loved how he talked to her in such a funny way which I remember him doing with my sister and I. She ended the night with a ride on the giant rocking horse because in reality she is still a kid but wearing a grown up bikini.
We made a plan to have breakfast with him as 8:30 the next morning so we could head home. This is my last view as I headed to bed. She slept like a rock while I laid there evaluating the thunderstorm passing over us. I quite enjoyed it actually.
We took Route 2 home. A slow and beautiful ride through towns I didn't even know existed in Massachusetts. Soon enough we would be back to dirty dishes, laundry and a 16 hour overnight shift.
Until next time.

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