Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Messy is our new look

Go there, read it. It is just making so much sense to me now. It describes a house that my sister used to nanny for. I loved that house. I used to do there and think how eclectic. Then I became a Mother and I tried to keep my house ridiculously neat, work full time and raise my daughters.
Something had to give and soon I noticed it was my sanity.

I know this sounds like a complete contrast to the recent posts about my new chores for the girls but please understand the level of cleaning is on a 7 and 10 year old scale. Also those chores aren't about the cleaning but about the lesson of responsibility and respect for me and my home.
Another side effect that I didn't expect is we are tighter for a few reasons. They seem to now understand all the work I do. I have heard how tired they are and Gees Mom, I feel like a slave. Yes child, so did I for 10 years. But the good side effect is that they can't really do these things all alone so instead of them parked in front of the TV while I slave away we really work together. I would not leave either of them alone in the kitchen when it is their night to cook so instead I stand by and assist while they do dinner. I handle some knife work and the pots of boiling water but they make everything and the plates.

I know we have just started this sort of family plan but so far I am amazed at how well they are doing. I get a lot of help with things I didn't even ask for. Yesterday Ava cleaned the litter box as that was her chores but then took the trash out so it wouldn't smell without being asked.
It is taking more effort for me to keep on top of what I expect but they are already self correcting and taking the punishment well. Pretty much that involves taking away all digital devices. You would be surprised how well that works.
So back to my original point.
The house may be messy because we decided to open the futon and sleep in the living room all weekend but the plants are watered and they swept all the floors. So rest assured 8 things are getting done in the house a week and the rest can kiss my ass. We are living our life.

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