Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Idiot Epiphany

I am not really sure what is going on it my cosmos. I recently was in a black place for a really long time. Longer than I can remember ever before actually.
I'm better now and still making my way back.
I have been thinking a lot obviously because I don't want to feel lousy. So what is making me feel lousy would be a big topic.
I have explored some things on the Internet and am reading a bit.
I am learning lessons from my friends.
Some from recent events in my life.
Tonight was a key one.
After some interesting conversations with a friend I realize I am so tired of feeling like I am your plan B. Everyone's back up plan for that matter.
After much talking to myself ( I am so good at this) I began to think....I am the only person who can allow this to happen.
I am letting this happen!
When you throw my shit into 2nd, 3rd, 4th place I am the person that allows myself to stand in that place.
I am not trying to blame myself or add to my self doubt but it is a fact. I can walk out of line and give you the finger over my shoulder. 
I will admit that leaves me standing all by myself and that is scary and lonely sometimes but really the other choice is?
If I want to be someones plan B than fine so be it but I am no longer allowed to complain. I am holding my ticket and waiting and I am the idiot.
So there you have it, the Idiot Epiphany.
I am sure some people will read this and say Duh!!! but you know what we all need to figure out our own life and learn our own lessons. Obviously I slept though this one.
Another thing I am working on it not judging you and not giving a flying rats ass if you are judging me. My life, my choices.
I might get all this shit together and running smooth by the time I am 80. Watch out.

So from now on I will be the one handing out numbers....who wants to be my number 3??

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