Saturday, May 5, 2012

Turned down by the vampires

I posted about donating blood a while ago, years actually if I remember correctly.
I have that sweet blood type which works on everyone so I figured it was a good way to give back to the World. After donating, I drank some juice and ate some cookies and left thinking Ahhh, that was a good thing to do.
A short time later I received a letter stating that my blood tested "weird". They retested for everything and found no problems but because of the original test they destroyed my blood and I was now not allowed to donate blood again.
Um, excuse me? What the F%&**!!!!!
I went to my own Doctor and she did blood work and nothing was found. I have felt a little dirty since then.
2 days ago I open my mailbox to find a letter from the American Red Cross. I figure they are now just looking for money as my blood is no longer welcome. I was surprised to find a letter that stated if I was interested in donating again I needed to speak to one of their representatives and they would test me again.
How bad must times be that you will come back to the folks that were supposedly "dirty" just a few years ago?
Will I do it?
Probably but for 2 reasons.
1. I still want to help people.
2. To clear my head of this weird thing I still have about being found not worthy.
Now when I say I support it I almost feel hypocritical as I can't myself but I want you to.
If you can you should donate. Someone may need you someday.

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