Friday, September 9, 2011

Mean People Suck!

Maybe I should be journaling and burning the pages so no one really knows what I think and how fucked up it really is but Life is a process isn't it?
I am learning everyday. You can tell me not to touch the stove but I still might. I need to learn some shit on my own and some people are going to think I am a nut while I figure it out. Sorry.
Funny thing is as I try to better myself I have to expose myself and I don't like that. It means I get hurt. Yeah, no Thank You. If I stay a cold hearted bitch it would be easier. I don't like these feelings. I also am confused about exactly what they are. Is that hurt, embarrassment, stupidity or my favorite catch all anger?
I am angry right now for exposing myself and now I feel like a fool. That one is my all time favorite - looking like a Idiot. I want to write and say Thanks for being a dickhead but that isn't going to do a damn thing besides make me look like a crazy bitch.
When I was hurt the most I promised myself one thing, I would always take the high road and not sink to that level. That is tough to do. I'm telling you bologna on someones paint would be so much more fun but it just isn't good for my soul.
I am better than that.
This will also pass but like a hangover it will take some cookies and a few days.
Hey Rude people-Suck it!


jazminmcshell said...

im in total agremance with you x

Anonymous said...

Fuck em, moving on!!!

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