Sunday, September 11, 2011

1st Day of School 2011

I am late with this post but really I have been just enjoying them. Last week I took off the whole 1st week of school as Ava is now a Kindergartner and that involved a different schedule than Olivia. She had a meeting the 1st day then a full day with 1/2 her class, then a day off and Friday was her 1st full day with her whole class.
Olivia did stay back this year and that proved more stressful on me than her I think. She asked me to drive her and walk her down to her class. I had forgotten that the students would be lined up according to grade in the lobby until it was time to go down to the classrooms. Here we stood together in the 2nd grade line next to the kids from her class last year in the 3rd grade line. I did my best to be strong and smile for her. I whispered that she would do great! The last few days we discussed what she would tell people if she was asked why she wasn't in 3rd grade with them and she seemed to be OK. The night before she came into my bed in the middle of the night to ask if I could drive her instead of taking the bus. Of course I say. I then ask her again- What are you going to say? She stunned me with her response. Mom, I have 3 words to tell them- I.CHOSE.TO.  Well bim-bam-bop. Bite me. She is going to be OK. I also talked to her about if someone got rude and I told her to tell a grown up and to tell that person to mind their own business. Mama, is rounding up her wagons and I will go in to school and smoke a 3rd grader if I have to. 
Who is more stressed? I do not know but I will say she is a tough cookie.
 Look at last year:

Obviously  the pictures suck this year due to the rainy days we had most of the week. Maybe next week we can get some good pictures at the street sign to compare. Both kids are going to have a great year. I just feel it. They start soccer in a week on Saturday's and Dad, Auntie and I will be in charge of getting them there. Dance classes start the week after and I am excited that Ava will be dancing as well. That should be hysterical as she loves to dance but is not great at it. More on that to come don't worry.
1 more thing:The teacher says a new law was passed and all incidents between children will be reported. Of course working at the Police department I'm like-Reported to who? She says the office and you may get a call from the school adjustment counselor if an "incident" occurs. Oh, shit.

While downloading photos from my camera I came upon some that Ava took of herself. I will share them with you and you judge how many calls I will be getting from the office.

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Anonymous said...

Who qualifies to be a school adjustment counselor? Have you seen the news lately about camp counselors? Do they go to the same school, get the same certificate? Take the call, let the kid express herself, otherwise she harbors anger! Let it out, call the mom, whatever.......

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