Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Dating Game

Ok, so I officially had like my 1st date-ish type event last night. I did not have my expectations set high I just wanted to get it over with actually. It came about at the last minute so it was a laid back, get together for a beer, kind of thing.
So he wasn't a bad guy. We had had some short conversations via email  and decided to meet. I have a pretty quick sense of whether I am going to like a person or not-sort of a bullshit meter-it said he was ok. We sat together in an empty bar (Thank you Cape Cod in the Winter) and chatted. In the end I realized we had welcomed the bartender into our chat as he was bored and the place was so quiet. For some reason I found the bartender charming and made sure to tip him well. I believe it is in your best interest to always take good care of your bartender if you want them to take good care of you.
Just a few questions for you peeps out there-even if you are a stalker-please comment anonymously and give me some advice.
1.On what planet is it OK to put your hands on me when we just met and I only know your 1st name? I'm just going to go up to the next hot guy I see sitting at the bar and start rubbing his back and then explain how I took a massage class years ago. Wait, the guys would probably find that hot and I may get a hook up. Add that to my next weekend plan.
2. On what planet is it OK to expect a kiss from me? Um, we are still strangers. It would take a lot more than 2 beers to escalate this to a love connection on the 1st date with a stranger. Sorry.
3. Are girls really impressed with "stuff"? Let me elaborate on this. I do want to know you have shit. I am not in the market for a dude living in his parents garage, driving a Chevy Chevette and collecting cans on back roads for money. But as soon as I mention where I work we talk about guns. I am not a fan of guns. I am too afraid I will trip, fall and shoot someone. That being said, I see them all the time. I work with men with guns. It ain't no big thang. Well correction, I did see about 12 of them today with guns strapped to their leg and was a little bit of a big thang. ;)
I think I just got off track a little.
I am just a naive little girl learning the game I guess. I have recently heard a few horror stories about 1st dates so this was a successful date in comparison. Love connection......not so much.
Let me also say that the above actions were not as horrific as I describe them. They were subtle but still occurred. I tend to be animated, outragous and sarcastic. This disclaimer is to protect the innocent.
Also after telling this story to a co-worker this is what was said.
Merry:He may grow on you.
Me:Not looking for a fungus.
Good Luck to any man that can put up with me.

1 comment:

towhee28 said...

In my humble opinion..I say move on, try the bartender perhaps? It's not OK for any man to be pawing at you on the first date. Any gentleman will agree with me here. He's just after one thing and all of the "stuff" he's bragging about is him just fluffing his feathers hoping that it'll impress you. Next!

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