Friday, April 1, 2011

I hate my own Blog today

 I hate the bitchy-whiney posts. Call the Whambulance and get over yourself.
I am posting my bitches and hoping to move on from here. I can feel my exterior cracking and my attitude sliding like a mudslide into Pissy-Hood.
Got paid-Not enough.
Child support is being held captive by DOR. Way to go helping out Moms and Dads. This has happened to me before. You try to do the right thing and it just farts on you. Thanks. I WAS receiving child support with an occasional hiccup. I decided to go through DOR to make sure the kids get the money on time and to avoid any incidents in the future. Well starting 3 weeks ago Dad was supposed to start sending his payments into Boston. As of this date he shows past due and they have not cashed 2 checks that he has sent in.  They were sure to tell me he wouldn't like it if he fell behind in his payments but what happens when he is doing what he is supposed to but DOR isn't? I understand it is a government agency handling a bazillion cases but to not even cash a check from 3 weeks ago seems a little much.
I work for the government I should understand the snails pace-I know, I know.
Next, I happen to have a few major events coming up.
April 24 Ava's Birthday
May 1 Olivia's 1st communion
June 6 Olivia's Birthday
I am working 4 overtime shifts in 2 weeks to get some extra money and time off for these events so I think that may be half the problem. I am headed into another weekend with 2 Midnight overtime shifts and I am the Queen of pre-stress.
I am almost over it. Bear with me.
I am planning on getting some of the work done this weekend for these events. Once I get this over with I think it will be better. Sunday we are headed out to get Olivia's dress and I hope to hit the party store in Plymouth where I have found some decent deals before.

1. Guest List
3. Party favors
 1. Cake
2. Dress
3. Invitations

Now that I have it dumbed down to the list above it seems like nothin'!
****If you do not receive an invitation to one of these events please understand that I am trying to control costs and invites are limited. Nothing Personal!***

So now I am hiking up my Hello Kitty panties and moving on.
Tonight we are off to school in our pajamas to watch Tangled. I might even try to escape out for a small adult beverage with my partner in crime to break this piss ass attitude. ***wink***

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