Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Can you say Freakaziod?

If you are reading this then you are one of the few visitors allowed in the new Fooseberry Prison. I believe I am really talking to myself now as I have shut out the public.
Over-Reaction-Possibly. Let me share the story of me being a total idiot.
So, I have been dipping my toe into the online dating pool. Not successful at all and you will see why as I tell my story.
1st I am not interested in 60 yr old men. I was hoping there would be a few more years before I need to have the little blue pill in my life.
2nd  I want a good guy. The good guys don't reply but the losers who want to hit it and quit it or talk about my kids in their first email do love to email me.
So I get an email from a guy the other day who is out of my age range but seems funny and we email back and forth 5-6 times. I am trying to not be closed minded so I let the age thing ago. Making me laugh is more important isn't it?
I am vague. I talk about things so you know my personality but I do not give up who, what, where, my kids go to school here, ect.
I get an email and jump on the computer to reply quick as I am on my way out. For whatever reason, I make a mistake and send it from my email instead of the website and it deleted a few paragraphs but does send a blank email that includes my signature on the bottom which is my Blog address.
He emails me back a short time later saying-I am not sure what that email was but I sure enjoyed the peek into your life and he proceeds to reference personal things from the last few blog posts. Flower Show, blah, blah, My kids, blah, blah and you make a hot blond.

Needless to say, I fucking freak.
Every word in his email seems like a pedophile. How dare he reference my kids. It was like a Peeping Tom looked in my windows and watched my kids sleep.
I fire off a cold ass 2 sentence email explaining it was a huge mistake on my part and I slap on a invite only on my blog.
The Iron Wall goes up. Panic Ensues.
The next day, after speaking to my calmer friend we see that he read for about 20 minutes and a few things are pointed out to me:
1. It is a public Blog.
2. I essentially invited him to it or at least it appears that way to him.
3. I did talk to him multiple times throughout the day because I thought he was a nice guy.
4. Why am I on a dating website then anyway?

He finally emails me back. I apologize for my rudeness and explain that his references to my family scared me as I try extremely hard to protect them and say I am an Idiot who apparently shouldn't be on this site.
He says no worries but reading my blog allowed him to see we are at different places in life with my little kids just starting school and his talking about drivers ed and college. He understood my protection as any good Mom would but did I notice the difference in our age. So essentially Bye-bye.
I learned a bit more about myself.
When I meet someone I potentially like, I will not give out my phone number, I will give them my blog address. It is an honest, deep and complete picture of who I am. If you don't go running and screaming from your computer you may want to be my friend.
Way to Go Fooseberry. You are FREAK and apparently going to be a single freak for a very long time.


Bon Bon said...

I can see why you got freaked out. I probably would have felt the same way. Your right. Your blog is a glimpse into who you really are. Make it public again. It's been public for a long time. Don't be so afraid to show your soft underbelly.

Barry said...

I agree with Bon Bon. And we can watch for him on the Site Meter just in case. Certainly, though, it is your call.

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