Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Boom-Boom Pow

She is the most caring, sharing, sweet and smart little girl you are ever going to
meet BUT if you screw with her be ready to take your lumps.
Her sister learned that this weekend and it wasn't even her fault.
We were hanging with our homey's and a group of kids were all playing in the 
backyard. We had to have a short conversation about the "No throwing rocks" rule but everything seemed to be going fine. Ava had circles under her eyes so I
knew she was having fun and would sleep like a rock. YES! 
Next thing I know Olivia comes in crying and pulls up her bangs to show THIS:
Damn! The picture doesn't do it justice and if you look closely it was actually 2 lumps. Double Whammy.
I try not to panic but I pass Ava off to my Aunt and quickly load Olivia in the car to the ER. I don't want to overreact but damn I have never seen anything like that.
I calmly(fake calm) call Nana and have her pick up Ava because it is like 6:30pm and who knows how long it is going to take. While we are waiting to be seen Ava and Nana walk in. It actually worked out well. Olivia was calmed down and Ava got to see that rock throwing leads to the Doctor.
They fast tracked her as it was really minor in their eyes. After a new ice pack, the Doctor is poking her head and looking in her eyeballs. While he is about 4 inches from her face with his flashlight in her eye she starts giggling hysterically and tells him-"You're really creeping me out."
Yeah folks, we are going to be just fine.
Next is the-"Why didn't I get a popsicle like my sister did when she got stitches. That isn't fair."
I think they were happy to discharge these two giggling girls.
He told us she might get a black eye but ice and Motrin and she would survive.
Of course the next morning I was greeted by a very healthy but way too hurt child to go to school. Hey, we all need a mental health day.
She hung with Mama and we had a nice day chilling out. By days end I was being entertained with a dance show that would have made "Solid Gold" proud.
Needless to say she was on the bus to school this morning. Oh and thrilled I was able to get her spelling homework from her teacher by email.
Mom's can be evil too!

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