Saturday, March 19, 2011

Teaticket School Rocks!

In my continued effort to not be a suck ass Mom-which I am failing at-I did a little helping out in Olivia's class today. Olivia has begged and I had some time off this week so I could make copies, fill mailboxes and be measured by a yard stick. I am about 1.5 yards tall by the way.
Funnt thing is I wisheed I had done this a long time ago. Godness did I see some stuff and I was only there 1 hour.
There are 21 7-8 years old and I do not know how she does it.
How does " Be quiet during the spelling test" = " Does that mean we can't breath?" I looked a this child, who oh so diligently held up her hand and waited her turn to make that statement, like are you F%^&;* kidding me? She didn't even answer her she just held her finger to her lips. I believe that was more to prevent herself from saying something that she shouldn't have said to a child. I am also going to Town Hall tomorrow and suggest a discount on alcohol for anyone with a teaching license. How else are we supposed to keep good teachers? You remember at least one long term teacher from your education that had a hinky story about his coffee cup-don't lie.
I'm getting off my story here.....
Anyway I was able to be there for a spelling test which is huge in our house. We have been working hard and Olivia was sure she was getting 100% this week. As I collected them I noted 2 small errors which were more from rushing and excitement as she had all the letters but flip/flopped. Still a huge success as she knew them.
In the end I learned my daughter is more of the norm than I thought. She does have great difficulty concentrating. I watched her miss a whole set of directions and she is the only kid not turning to page 215 for math and then a few minutes behind turns into WAY behind fast as she is asking what page and where are we as the teacher is starting to explain the examples. It just snowballs. I am hoping they are going forward with the evaluation Monday to get some answers as to what our best route is to keep her on track.
My course of action this weekend: fun and time with them. I feel like it has been a crazy week and I just want to hang out. Tonight we are going to try to find a beautiful place to see the Full Moon. It is supposed to be the biggest you will see for 20 years so I tried to explain to Olivia by the time it happens again she may be showing it to her kids.

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