Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I will tire her out!!!!!

See this girl? Yeah, the cute one. She is killing me. Well killing my Mom probably more than me. See in light of recent changes around our house Nan is the guard on duty at night while I work. No option for shift changes until July. Recently she just will not go to sleep. This weekend both girls were up until 9-10pm. This is not normal in our house. Olivia was almost late for school Monday because we all overslept. On other mornings Ava has been up at 5:45am. I am at a loss.
We have threatened, spanked (sorry if that offends), begged and just fallen asleep while they run around like gremlins as we are exhausted and they obviously aren't.
My new tactic is to exhaust her. I mean we are usually busy but now I am aiming at running her on a treadmill if I have to. Here we walked around the cranberry bogs at the end of our road. As you can see I had to piggy back her at the end as " her bad knee" hurt. By the way, how does a 4 year old have a bad knee but her 37 year old mother doesn't? So if you have any suggestions I am willing to hear them. School says they will push every button imaginable to see what they can get away with. Dad was the guard on duty at night before so I think they are thinking if they are the worst they can be he will return. Instead I have just been telling them they will begin losing things- We had a nice quiet day with no TV today. I kind of enjoyed it.


Anonymous said...


Nana said...

I did resign as their Nana last night but Ava came into my bed at 2 am so apparently she did not accept my resignation!!!! Have a grea trip and I'll see you Saturday, Love, Mom

Terri said...

Using the treadmill works...we use it for Logan and it poops him out!! LOL

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