Monday, January 4, 2010

Detox Day 1

I was doing OK most of the day. I did go to the gym today but was not feeling it so I did the weights and walked about 15 minutes and left. After a shower we headed to Hyannis for some Christmas returns and a quick trip to Stop and Shop for a few things I forgot the other day. All was fine in the world until I saw all the Valentine's candy and 50% off Christmas candy. UGH!
I am surprised that I don't have more side effects from not drinking coffee. Mr.Fooseberry has had a raging headache all day with no relief.
I am hanging in but after picking up Olivia from CCD and racing home to make dinner I began to lose it. Screamed at the kids, threw Mr. FB out of my way in the kitchen and then decided it was just best if I left. So I got dressed for work, kissed them all and apologized for being an ass.
Once I got to work I put all the food I have eaten into The Daily Plate. Aha! I have eaten just under 700 calories all day. Terrific! I have also only taken in about 42 g of protein which is not nearly enough.
I am trying not to ingest artificial sweetener but I think after this salad settles I am going to have a protein shake to boost up my numbers a bit.
Tomorrow I need to tweak this a bit. I am adding eggs for breakfast and a hot food somewhere in there or else I might just croak.
I am also not drinking enough water and I am exhausted. Part of the water issue is not being able to drink and eat at the same time. Right now I am waiting for some time to pass before I attack the protein shake.

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Barry said...

I believe there is a crucial element missing here. Sleep.

Keep on keepin' on.

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