Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bitch Session 101

I feel like a bitch session coming on-I have posted some of my bitches to Facebook but it just feels like a burp when I have some serious gas to release.
Bitch #1-I hate money.
Bitch #2-I work too much.
Bitch#3- I would like to win the lottery and pay off all my debt.
That being said I will now step back into reality and quit my bitching.
Thursday I made an appointment to donate blood. It is a good way to give back that doesn't cost money. There is always a need for blood and after I started looking at the literature I found out I am the most universal blood type so why not. The waiting area and blood donation area was pretty small so you got a chance to see people up close. No screaming or moaning so I didn't run out when I started to get nervous. The staff was great. I did get a small bruise like a nickle and my arm was a bit sore for about a day but that was it. I can donate again in 60 days.
So go on - follow the link and go donate. Someone you know may need your blood.
Had a cool movie night with the girls - watching G-Force in our PJ's.

Friday Ava and I had lunch with Aunt Cindy and Uncle Skip. He had to point out how he never sees me anymore-I know, I know. It was a great quick visit to Betsy's that we have to do again.
Friday night I got together with my girlfriends for some much needed chit-chat. I have said this before but how do we lose track of friends and family who live within a 1 Mile radius of us?
Now back to work. See Saturday is the beginning of some peoples weekend but for me is the first day of my week. I also just acquired some prime overtime so I will be here for about 12 more hours this week. A necessary evil - thus the reason for my bitching. Throw in 3 Doctors appointments in 3 different towns and I am cooked for the week.
Enough of that. Hoping to squeeze in a breakfast date with my 3 loves before I have to be back to work at 12 tomorrow.


Bonnie :) said...

Call Julie...ask her what the lottery numbers are....when you win, let's both take a vacation somewhere in a tree house in a jungle with cabana boys who will fan us with giant leaves and feed us mangos.

Chels said...

Why is Avie so miserable here?!

Fooseberry said...

This was almost 2 yrs ago at the Zoo. Sadly I couldn't find a picture of all of us.
We will have to fix that.

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