Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hey Gladys Kravitz

I think I used to have an unrealistic idea about how to live my life. I knew there were a bunch of things I did not want to do and mistakes I didn't want to make. I think I have done pretty well with the major things in my life. Although sometimes bumpy I have a good marriage, 2 beautiful daughters, a great job and a house that is always going to be a thorn in my side. I would call that the American Dream.
As I travel down this bumpy road of my life I am learning a ton.
Some of the lessons I wish other people would learn and follow-
You have no idea what is going on in my life so don't make judgements.
You can't make any judgements about how someone is living their life-It isn't yours!
People need to focus more on themselves and not on others.
Is hurting someone else making you feel better? Why not use that energy to fix what is broken in your heart so that you no longer have to drag me down to your level.

The moral of my story:Live your life and I will live mine.

See in this world of Facebook and Blogs and such people seem to put their lives out there. Some for one reason and some for others. I do it because I like to talk, I like to share my life with friends and family near and far who I don't have contact with and I think it is a good record of our journey through life. The thing is I am working on living my life. I work to pay ...wait, try to pay for my life. I do not live for this job. On the other hand I do love my job and hate to see it turned into a circus freak show. I want to come to work, work, do a good job and go home-TO MY LIFE!
Maybe others need to follow that train of thought.
No False disclaimers needed. If you think this is you, it probably is.

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Barry said...

Amen, Sister!

Leave the judgment to the 'big guy' of your choice.

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