Saturday, August 1, 2009

Melody Tent-Ron White

Last night Mr. Fooseberry and I went out on a date to the Melody Tent to see Ron White. We grabbed a quick bite to eat at B2 as we did not leave ourselves enough time to get dinner in a tourist town on a Friday night. You can tell we don't get out much. We didn't get to Hyannis until 7:30 and we had tickets for a 9pm show. We drove around and looked at line after line running out the door just waiting for a table.
B2 is a great little Burrito place where I got a super hot Thai chicken burrito. Again not fancy but good food.
Ron as well as his opening act were pretty funny.
It is official - We are definitely old farts now. The drunk people were not us and they were kind of annoying. We had a group of about 6 behind us that guffawed the whole time and left numerous times for beer which we feared it would be dumped on our head at any moment. One woman even made mention of feeling like she would vomit before the show started but she kept drinking. The man next to Earl was hammered when he sat down and his wife even apologized in advance for him before the show even started. He took over half of Mr. FB's seat which pushed him into my seat. Hey, it made for a cozy date. Did I mention it was about 109 degrees and we were in the center of the row?
In the end we had a good night out but need more date nights in the future. Maybe I should be drunker next time?!?


Bonnie:) said...

when are the double date nights going to start again? I miss those!!!

FBF said...

I've never really understood why people (I like to call them idiots) insist on seeing shows drunk. It seems to me to be an entirely stupid waste of money, not too mention screwing up the nights of the real fans who actually are there to enjoy the entertainer and not be subjected to a bunch of idiots.

Another problem with the idiots is that if/when an emergency happens, these fools are unable to follow directions and inevitably get in the way. So, if you're drunk and in the way of my and my wife's safety, you will be trampled.

That said, I am glad you went and I'm glad it was not Larry the Cable Idiot. ;)

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