Sunday, August 2, 2009

Shining Sea Bikeway and Working Overtime

I am starting a double double today meaning I am working 4pm until 8am and then sleep for about 5 hrs and do that again tomorrow. Yes, I know. The thing is unlike other jobs I can use my overtime as time off instead of money, both of which I need extra of right now. Most people around here just don't like working midnight shifts so I signed up and no one else did-so here I sit.
With my new speed racer itching to get on the road on 2 wheels I promised her we would roll to the bike path today before I took a nap. I managed to get this really nice and expensive bike seat from Freecycle but it needed the bracket. My Super Cool Mom picked it up for me and Mr. FB tried to install it with no luck. It was not fixable as I needed to have 2 things on the bike that I did not have. UGH! Step 2- return the $60 bracket and just buy a freakin' seat at Walmart. So after we get it on my bike and everyone is bitching and moaning we head to West Falmouth. We are on for about 2 seconds when I realize there is something wrong-thump, thump, thump.
It turns out the tire popped off the bead so it is rubbing on the brake. I just parked it by a bench and hitched Ava on my back while Olivia sped ahead. She rode for a while and we saw millions of bikes, runners/walkers, dogs and roller bladers. It was a great day for the bike path. On the way back we stopped for a snack and a drink and then rode (thump,thump,thump) back to the car. As I was walking back thru the parking lot the tube finally exploded. I figured it could have been worse I wasn't riding with Ava on the back when it happened.
My life seems to be full of WTF's lately. Dryer-Broke. Blender-Broke spraying click shake all over. Laundromat sucks. Oh and pee'd bed with no dryer is extra special. So laundromat sucks again.
Once the bumps get smoothed out we will be on the road again but at least the seat is on and Ava had fun. Now I just need a bike rack-posting to Freecycle and Craig's list now.

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09/07/07 Main Street Mile 11:44
05/18/08 YPD 5k 52:57 17:05
06/14/08 Walpole Village 5K 35:27 11:26
06/21/08 Mashpee Fun Run 34:21 11:05
07/19/08 Mashpee Woodlands 36.49 11:52
08/10/08 Falmouth Road Race 1:29:31
08/25/08 Women Running Wild 35:40 11:30
10/25/08 Mashpee Firefighters 37:47 12:10
05/02/09 Cape Abilities 5K 34:59 11:17
05/17/09 YPD 5K 36:41 11:50
08/09/09 Falmouth Road Race 7mi 1:37
10/31/09 Mashpee Firefighters 5K 37:15 12:00
09/11/11 Main Street Mile 12:31
10/29/11 Screech to the Beach 5K 39.13 12:20
08/12/12 Falmouth Road Race 1:34:24 13:29
05/18/14 YPD 5k 44.25 14:17
06/1/14 June Jog 4mi 1:04 16:00
08/17/14 Falmouth Road Race 1:42:04 14:35
09/27/14 Girly Girl 5K 37:24 12:02
10/26/14 Pell Bridge Run 4mi 48:41 12:10
11/27/14 Turkey Trot in VA 5K 35:22 11:23
12/06/14 Jingle Jog 5K 34:42 11:11
03/29/15 Thomas Guinta Memorial 5K 34:14 11:03
04/19/15 St. Margaret's 5K 31:11 10:21
05/17/15 YPD Blues 5K 34:58 11:17
06/07/15 Newport 10 Miler 1:56:09 11:36
06/20/15 Mackenzie's 5K 33:55 10:54
08/17/14 Falmouth Road Race 1:33:51 13:24
10/31/15 Screech at the Beach 36:19 11:40
5/20/18 YPD Run to Remember 37.37 12:08