Friday, July 31, 2009


What kind of Blogger do I look like?
I decided to join Blogher the other day. I don't know why, maybe to learn more about this Blog thing I am doing more and more. I started off over a year ago by explaining I was just going to ramble to myself because as most of you know I do talk a lot. It is even worse now that I drink coffee.
I was asked to list the type of blog I have-I dunno.
I started to look thru the categories:
Mommy - Doesn't feel right. I bitch and whine or puff my chest with pride, not exactly the picture perfect Mommy Blog.
Food - Still doesn't feel right. I cook to eat and frost it if I can.
Garden - Hahahahahaha!! Yeah right, next.
Weight loss surgery - Call me the anti-poster child. I would rather blog about frosting.
Running - that is another short lived past time that others have grown to enjoy and I loath. Back to the frosting.
So I guess I am a bitching, dirt covered, cake baker that will only run if we are headed to Cupcake Charlies.
Hope you enjoyed tonight's post and come back and read some more.


Joey C. said...

I'm not sure but I lean towards the Mom with a full time job trying to cope in today's world. It appears to me it's working for you for the most part unless I'm missing something. Keep it up!

Gia's Spot said...

You should have checked the "all of the above plus some" catagory!!
You do it all, sista!!!!

bonnie:) said...

your too friggin

Anonymous said...

How about "Master (or Mistress) of the Universe!!!!! Love, Mom

Mom of the Universe said...

Didn't mean to be anonymous, Love, Mom

Mom said...

Just reading old blogs in random order and I have a couple of comments. Many years ago, I was "forced" to write down anything I said I "should" be doing. Loretta LaRoche (stress management guru) calls it "shoulding on yourself" and if I could give a good reason why I should do somwetning I could do it. Pretty soon I stopped using the phrase so much because I was sick of keeping the list. Whatever works!! What you should do, is remember to tell yourself what a wonderful person you are for just being yourself-the one we all love. Thinking of you as you work all night, Love, Mom

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