Thursday, September 8, 2016

End of Summer already?

I am not going to go into a sob-fest about the end of Summer because really I live life like everyday can be fun. I have pretty much learned to love all Seasons. It is the last time that the kids can escape without a whole lot of issues and make up work though. 
All Summer I have been saying I want to use the last week when camp ends to go camping in New Hampshire. Actually it was a quiet dream said to a few because I really didn't think I was going to be able to  pull it off. I hate to make statements that I can't make happen.
The week before I had some bucks and started calling around for sites. This place didn't have all the fun things the girls probably wanted but it looked like a good place and we got 3 nights for $111. It was also in Woodstock which is the exact area I wanted to be in.

Olivia is my right hand girl when it comes to camping. She can pretty much set up tents on her own or with little help. We brought  the little red tent more as a play place and brought their bikes.
I also always have a coffee anxiety attack when I go camping. Usually it is an over-nighter so I brew some and just reheat it but this being a multi-day trip I decided to look for a camp coffee pot and looky what I found at the store of the Campground? I have never made coffee in a percolator. It isn't fancy and yes I am drinking some grounds but the coffee was pretty damn good and fast.
As you can see there is no one in the background but really there are about 5 sites in view.

After getting all set up both kids dove into the little tent to play Littlest Pet shop and I decided to take a walk around this campground. I took my phone for photos and the map. It is a little place that I would say is more for pop-ups or tenters. It is also wedged between 2 streams. We actually had to drive over a tiny 1 lane bridge to get from the parking lot to the campground itself. I wish we had gotten a river site but when I called I was told 79 was their last site.
These great shots are actually from the stream on the inside of the place and there were already a few guests on Wednesday when we arrived. For the most part out of about 100 sites and 6-8 cabins the place had maybe a dozen sites occupied. I explained to the girls that due to the upcoming long weekend although it looked empty now the place would be full by Friday.
Below is site 65 and if we could manage it we would book it for next year. It was good sized, not in the line of headlights (a big problem in quite a view areas here we learned) and this would be our backyard.

This photo above is the view from the bridge. Below is a little alcove that was next to the arcade with a ping pong table, 25 cents a ball and the paddles were free from the office. Ava decided to buy a couple balls due to the close proximity to the river. The giggling and craziness of these two did result in a few trips down the side to retrieve the ball.

Across the street was a small playground and "swimming hole". You could fish, swim or rent paddle boats -$5/ half hour  or kayak $3/half hour. Personally the "pond" scared the crap out of me. It looked more like they damned up a small creek to make the pond. It was black and spooky but you can't keep them out of the water. Liv put her feet in and I called it a day.

Instead I asked if they wanted to take a ride and see the Falls I was telling them about and maybe catch the sunset. We traveled the 30 miles over to the Lower falls on the Kangamangus highway. Olivia was of course in her glory-Water and rock climbing. She soon crossed the river and was making her way over to the opposite bank. Great until she made it to the major falls. Not big but not crossable.

She is the tiny speck on the opposite side on the river here. Nervous but I just watched her plot her way. She eventually made her way safely back over and I had to call it a night. It was getting darker and we were alone. I didn't want to lose sight of either of these dare devils in the water.

I know what you are thinking but yes she is in her pajamas cooking a hot dog on a stick for breakfast.
It's camping-You don't ask questions if they are eating and/or doing something self-sufficiently.

The one and only thing I had planned was the Flume. I have been wanting to go here and waiting for them. They were less than thrilled but smiled nicely for this picture. Trust me it went away as soon as I clicked. They did it for me. I had a couple of choices but didn't read them out loud just paid and shuffled them past the sign saying full trail 2 miles. Sorry, not sorry. I did not come all the way here to ride a bus.

It was a little whiny for Ava. She is not a walker and was bare foot to play in the water. Also I didn't expect it but she got really scared of the walk ways. The stairs were open and she kept saying she was sure she was going to fall in. I would have enjoyed a little more time just soaking up the incredibleness of the gorge itself but we kept moving.

So on the Website for the Flume you can print a Scavenger Fun of sorts. Of course I brought that. I called out things randonly at first, trying to engage, trying.
Then it took off. Mother Nature helped me out with these guys. We took about 25 photos trying to catch this butterfly open it's wings. She is a beautiful orange but shy and this was the best we got.
The Chipmunks were crazy. I explained the fact that they were so brazen because people fed them and that we really shouldn't and why but we stayed and danced around with them for a long time. it was fun to see them so close.

We also needed covered bridge and we walked on the outside of one that took vans to the start of the trail. That is also where we got Spider web but you can understand how that photo didn't work out.
Awesomely we found this bridge and the photo explained it's size. Long but low and beautiful and for people only.

I wish we brought a flashlight so we could go through the Wolf's den but really only a 12" square of light way off in the distance wasn't enough to encourage me to climb all the way through. Once we hiked all the way around the pool we came to the stairs out the back.

This is the pool. The girl were hoping to swim until we found out it is 80 feet down. The photo doesn't do it justice.
After Pizza I agreed to some paddle boating-for them not me. Who would have know $5 in a scary body of water could be so fun.
This picture just struck me. I am glad she is wearing all this superhero clothing because I think she is an incredible kid. All of a sudden I was just struck with grown up she is getting and how independent she was on this trip. Once again she took her bike whenever she left and although she spend every dollar I gave her she rode down to the store and always brought back candy or something for Liv or I.

I had wanted to do something cool on Friday as it was our last full day. We looked over brochures and tried to find something for the daredevil and the mouse. Funny but those 2 names are the opposite of who you are thinking. After a round about tdrive through the mountains for me we end up at Storyland. I don't remember ever going but I'm hoping it has something for all ages.
Luckily, I am the only person in line when she says-I'm sorry but your card declined.
Story of my life. I have the cash in my pocket until Tuesday which we all know is never enough.
The kids sadly understand no money and they are great while I apologize and say let's make another plan.
I am a crafty woman and I can make this work. The one last thing I did promise was mini golf and I smartly had a coupon so we were 15 minutes from a great Mini-golf place that we know from home-Pirate's Cove so we checked that off our list.

Since we were on this end of the Kangamangus I decided to head back to the falls. We could stay as long as they wanted as it was earlier in the afternoon.

They had a great time. Both swam, laughed, slid down the smooth rocks and water falls. The water was cold but these 2 monkeys didn't care. As you can see the day was beautiful.
More than once on this trip I was reminded how good our life is, how happy I am and what good kids I have. I may not have the money to do all the things they ask but we do okay. In reality I had to remember that THIS is the stuff I wanted to do, not pay $100 to be in an amusement park.
I managed to get dinner for free using saved up points at Subway and the rest of our money went to gas and coffee for our ride home.
That's it.
We had a freaking awesome time.

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