Saturday, April 12, 2014

Message Overload

Am I the only one who is just overwhelmed by the messages out there bombarding us on a daily basis?
I can be walking along having a fine ass day and see a magazine cover.
Are you getting 10 fruits and vegetables in your diet every day? Um, no.
Are you exercising every day for heart health, depression, stronger joints, a hotter ass? Um, no.
Are you you doing these 10 things to make your life happier, healthier, smarter, ect? Um, no.
Slow down.
Speed up.
Work harder.
Don't even get me started on the parenting stuff. My head might just explode.
I really just want everyone to shut the fuck up. Then again it is my choice to shut them up by shutting them off I guess.
By the way, No I didn't eat 1 single fruit today so now what is going to happen?

I need to note that I walked away from this post to work when the crap hit the fan for a couple days. I hope I can get back to my thought as it could easily be lost. :)

So back to my point.
Maybe the only way to do it is to walk away from social media but I am addicted. I will admit it I know I am.
Then I get to the whole-See now you need to quit Facebook and coffee and Splenda and sugar....

I will say I have worked harder to add sites with more positive notes. Sites that fill my feed with "you rock" quotes help and sites with articles that say things like Hey dummy, you are normal, love yourself the way you are and let go.
I am working on eating better but I am doing it my way and it includes walking and chocolate chip cookies. That is my method of happiness. If you don't see that on page 58 of Women's Health  that is because I just made that rule up last week. It seems to be working for now.
Why can't I be ok with that?
Maybe it is a hormonal, weather related, planetary or just stupid response to a life that honestly today I can say is pretty damn good. I mean I get bored easily so it is was all rainbows and sunshine I might have to take up bungee jumping.
I will say this, I am not so serious about this today but it is a reoccurring issue what I hope will continue to swirl around each time getting weaker and weaker until it is a none issue because really it should be a non-issue.
If it makes me happy and no one is getting hurt I should just be able to freely do it. Seems easy enough.

Just live.
Do your best.
Leave me alone and I will leave you alone.

P.S. I am not here but I am getting there.

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