Thursday, January 30, 2014

You Cheated!!

I am coming up on my 7 year anniversary for having Gastric Bypass surgery. February 7, 2007 I decided to alter my body forever in an attempt to improve my life for my children, plain and simple. I did not think about the "getting skinny" thing originally but of course after hating your body for many years that soon became an added plus.
The side effects of having surgery have been good and bad and it was a roller coaster to say the least but I would have done it over and over if I had the chance. Only thing I would have changed? Do it sooner.
Silly I know but I would love to know what it is like to have a real pregnancy. Mine was uneventful medically but I was 300 lbs and missed out on a really cool belly or photos where you didn't question if it was a baby or extra cannolis.
Well at this point in the game I am just living my life and I forget about it mostly. It just is my way of life now.
So in the dating game again I find myself explaining things like my different food choices or leftovers. I am very open about it and just explain I am not being rude but that left over Shepard's pie will be my breakfast.
So I was out on a date the other night and ordered an appetizer as my dinner. When it comes I eat about half and he asks if everything is ok. Oh, I say I forgot I didn't explain this......Blah, blah, blah I had GBS about 7 years ago.
His first reaction, in a kidding voice but still, You Cheated!
I will say in all these years, all the friends I have made due to this surgery and all the People magazine articles I have read I have NEVER had someone say this directly to my face.
I sort of laughed and we talked about it a little. I showed him pictures of my old self and assured him it is not easy.
Let me back track and say he is a perfect candidate. I never said it to him directly.
I have thought about it now for 2 days. I have 100 things to say now to defend myself and my choice but really what does it matter. I asked him what education he had on the procedure and he said none.
I guess I am just floored that he would say that. I just find it ignorant.
So are you a better person if you lose your 100 pounds another way?
So you are a winner if you take it off with Slimfast, the gym, Atkins, salad, Medifast, nutrionists, wiring your jaw shut?
Because I tried all of those things beside the jaw because I need to talk to work but I considered it and I was still was fat.
I may be crazy but in my head this is like being a racist. There is no basis for your thinking you do just because.
Well I stand by my choice as the best one for my life.
If you have a better plan for you than go for it. I won't judge unless it is unsafe for you.
And just to clarify I never cheat and my life is far from easy.
Bite me!

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