Thursday, November 22, 2012

Pre-Thanksgiving Road Trip

I will start by saying I am so glad I did this crazy long day because now that I know how my Turkey day is ending it makes it all the more great.
Just as I was thinking I would maybe go visit my cousin while the girls were with their Dad over this weekend she messaged me to say her brother was driving in from Indiana and so she would be having some family to her house. Could we make it?
I will make it.
So yesterday we loaded up early and decided to make it an epic road trip and stop a few places. We needed Winter jackets and I have found out their was actually a Lego store in the South Shore Mall.
We are now becoming Lego addicts.
Well not only did we find some great deals on jackets at a store I had never heard of called Crazy 8s (30% off no less) but we scored at the Lego store as well. I explained with Christmas coming we would not be going hogwild but they each got enough to keep them busy on the drive.

I was also able to find some cool stuff in the Disney Store that I put in the back of my head for when they weren't with me. Good News-Just got this super awesome Spiderman suitcase for $20 instead of the regular price of $35. I think Christmas is more about the game sometimes. 
After grabbing some lunch I made my way back into the parking lot that is otherwise known at Rt 93 with all the other folks traveling to families homes. Good thing we left in plenty of time.
We finally arrived around 6:30 and had a great visit but it never seems to be long enough. I could hang out with them for a week. My cousin has raised 3 really good boys and although my girls are much younger they always have time and patience for them. I snapped this while they worked on their Lego's on the coffee table. When it comes to cousins and Lego's I guess age really doesn't matter.
About the time I should have been heading back to Cape Cod anyway I received a call about some Holiday overtime. The girls would be with their Dad so I jumped on it.Now that I am here I will admit I am a little sad. I missed couch time with my Cape Cod family as I have spent most of my 16 hours alone in this place but I am trying to keep my eye on the prize.
If I can make it happen I will get these girls to Disney and Universal. Every girl should see Cinderella's castle and every Ava should see Spiderman.
Sleep later.
Happy Thanksgiving folks.

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