Friday, November 16, 2012

A little bit more of letting go

Today I decided to let a little bit more go.
I have to admit I feel like I am getting screwed again but really I have been getting screwed and I have just decided to stop.
2 things really. For some reason when I decided to let 1 thing go, I decided to let the other go.
All of these these include money and I am owed by people but I am tired of asking, expecting and then being let down. I also just want it out of my life.
The lesson will be not to do it unless you can walk away from the debt. It is an old lesson that apparently I failed to learn.
So I will work hard to catch up and then go on and take care of myself.
For the ex, it is just going to be better. Every time I see a bill for the insurance he is using but not paying for it is like a jab. Ha-Fucking you and Blue Cross again. So today he goes.
Why, you ask did I even agree to this? I was trying to help both him and me. I would help him keep affordable insurance and help me pay for the premium but he has never paid since the day he left. So really he is being helped and I am letting him disrespect me. It also keeps his business in my life which I don't need or want.
Lately things seem to be happening at just the right time for mysterious reasons and I am taking advantage of them. We are in a time where we must verify all of the people on our insurance. If we can't those people will be dropped from our insurance without a penalty, otherwise I would be continuing this until open enrollment in June.
I am also taking a chance by pushing his life insurance premium back to him. If he doesn't pay and it gets cancelled my children will have no back-up if something were to happen to him but I am no longer interested in paying that as well.
After I made this decision today, although it doesn't change my financial situation at all I felt a little bit relieved.

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