Thursday, September 22, 2011

I find myself here at 3:13 again

Here I sit to blog again and I find a post from a week ago at 3:03am. I guess this is the blogging hour.
I did succeed in sneaking out of bed without waking any children so I luckily made it here without a tear. This is the last overtime shift for now. Phew!
Today was a crazy busy day. While leaving at 11:40pm I just looked around and cringed. I really want my house to not look like a shit hole all the time. I am tired and the only housekeeper. It is really wearing on me. I have only had an hour of sleep before coming in tonight but I just can't see myself going to bed before somethings get done at home. I am really not sure I will catch up on my sleep until I die.
Now for some good news:It was parent teacher night tonight and I absolutely love both teachers. Call me crazy but I think both of them are perfectly matched. Ava happens to be with a teacher that understands crazy little kids and I agreed with a lot of her ideas. She wants the kids to learn to work out their own conflict(barring a fist fight), she wants reading to be a fun and a daily activity and she wants to teach them old school games so they can learn to be good winners as well as good loser. :)
Olivia's teacher is tough and expects them to work hard but also supports them where they need it. She did approach me to tell me Olivia is working hard-Great news compared to last year. I was surprised to learn she almost customizes spelling lists based on what the kids know. If they need the bottom that is what they get but if they know the regular words she will make those students another tougher list to keep everyone challenged. She is already getting some help with her reading as well.
While I was picking up the girls today I was able to secure an appointment with the Special Ed coordinator for Monday as they had a last minute cancellation. This will hopefully get the groundwork for a plan on whether she needs more testing and an IEP. Another check off my list.
Things for them are crazy but feels like we are on the right track.
Today was also Ava's first dance class. I was sad to miss the 1st half of it as I was at the Doctor with Olivia but Dad took her so we both got to see this crazy girl dance. She is doing tap/jazz/ballet. I got to see the end of the ballet which was awesome. 5 year olds are far from elegant but they all listened well and looked like they had a great time. Remind me how proud I am of her in April when I am getting tired of hauling their butts to all these classes. LOL!
Olivia starts her Hip-Hop class tomorrow night so I will let you know how that goes.
I think that covers the whole day. If you got lost along the way I understand. Trust me. I finally broke down and bought myself a datebook because I can't seem to remember my own name nevermind who has to be where and when.
Sleep well my friends.

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