Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Adventures of Fooseberry

Ever watch this show?
I have started watching it and I can't stop thinking I am her. Not her life just her. She has a weird relationship with her ex and brother and can't seem to do anything on her own so that I don't think is me.
It is her scatterbrained, insecure and overwhelmed persona that I think mirrors me.
Perfect example:
I am rushing to get ready for work and I see a little pink Tupperware container on the counter which I figure is a single serving of Click Powder. Perfect! I'm going to need that later. Now comes the afternoon, I am dragging ass and I have like 8 more hours to go in my day so I mix it up (I am into it hot now). I added some powdered Chocolate toffee fake creamer stuff. I am busy at work so I start drinking it and soon I notice it seems too light and it is now separating so like the bottom inch is black and the top in a pale creamy mocha. I also start to not feel so good. I immediately stop drinking it but the discomfort continues for like 2 hours. Not horrible but definitely not right.
Later that night I am loading my dishwasher and I grab the little pink container and smell the powder residue in hopes of figuring out what the hell happened.
Duh, Not-Winning!
I did not grab a container of protein powder it was in fact a container of cinnamon and sugar I mixed up for the kids toast.
Keep laughing-I am. So essentially I am drinking a cinnamon/sugar water shake with a touch of powdered creamer. Why I did not die I am not sure.
See what I mean?
Now go and watch it then come back and tell me-Is this me or what?

1 comment:

mrsclean said...

I thought you were goin' to say it was dishwashing soap that you mixed w/click -- thank god it wasn't anything toxic -- you're a trip!

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