Monday, January 3, 2011

The 6 days are almost over

Today is the final day. I am alone in my house as the girls are back at school. The quiet is nice but I am also thinking about cranking up some tunes and cleaning up around here. The silence makes me antsy.
It was a terrific bunch of days off.
On Thursday I loaded my car to the gills, filled the gas tank and headed to New Hampshire. It was a good trip for me to make for many reasons. I am an independent girl and have been for years. Now it just feels different. I am on my own now so the trip made me nervous. The car is getting on the geriatric side and who would I call if I broke down? I worried about that for a week before I left, didn't make plans until the last minute and finally said to myself-Fuck It-We are doing this.
My cousin let us stay at her house so we were able to make it a longer visit with everyone. I met with my Dad as he was out and about. He bought us some lunch and gave me a much needed Christmas Gift-A Tool Box!! I was talking to him about my plans to do some spiffing up around here but the fact that Mr. FB took all his tools and I was doing things with butter knifes and such. (girls can fix anything with a pair of old pliers and a butter knife) So he put together a tool box with just about anything I could need to get some shit done around here-Awesome and Thanks!
After this we did some shopping and then headed to my cousin Patty's house. She still had her beautiful Christmas tree up and I absolutely loved her house. I would have stolen the kitchen for my house if I could have. She has 3 sons who were supposed to be with their Dad but they all ended up coming home and I was happy to meet them again. I think the last time I saw them they were babies like mine but now they are 11,13 and 15. I was especially happy to see how smart, polite and just good men they all were. She welcomed us into her home like we belonged there and the girls loved it. The cats-not so much. They probably need therapy after Ava left. In the morning Olivia cooked french toast, her specialty, for everyone and we finally got dressed and moving later than expected, too much fun I guess.
Now we were off to head a bit farther north to see our friends Frank and Cheryl who I have not seen since they moved to NH, ummmm 2 years ago it think. God time flies.
Again another place where we were welcomed in like the years had never happened. It was incredible to walk into their kitchen and feel like I had seen them just last week. We pretty much talked and talked until the girls came up and begged to go home. They were exhausted. We headed to Bugaboo Creek to grab some dinner and were headed back to Mass. by about 7pm.
Because it was New Year's Eve not many people were on the road. I think the good ones were staying in and the bad ones hadn't gotten out yet. We flew straight through to the Bridge without a hitch.
It was an awesome couple of days for me in so many ways. I got to see some really important people in my life, I actually learned about my kids and I learned about myself.
1. I can do this.
2. They are terrific, well behaved and normal kids. They were excellent for the whole trip even with a night up until 11:45. They are crazy, funny and smart. Those things are also a little scary. What will the future hold?
School today will be interesting as it is a 180 degree turn from the last week but I hope it is smooth. I am thrilled to be able to put them on the bus again at least for 1 day a week.
Now off this computer for a while, crank up the tunes and get some shit done.


Barry said...

Yes, you can do this. And yes, some of us will be there for you, should you need a kick in the ass or just want an ear to listen.

Happy New Year.

Gia's Spot said...

And if you need a tool, ask me, being a single Mom for almost thirty (yikes) years I have accumulated a whole magical tool chest and just about every electrical saw and tool you will need and I have the know how to use them all! Home Depot offers great classes for us Moms!!

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