Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

I had to work this year, no real difference than most Holidays of most years. I have learned to adjust a few things and it always works out. This year I am on day shift so my Mom took over and said she would do it all and we would have dinner when I got home. The kids got to spend the day with their Dad at Gramma's so it was not much different for them.
When I got home they were just getting dropped off so perfect timing.  I was happy to also find she was not done. I quickly changed clothes, tucked a towel into my waist and got to work. I was able to blend and prep things for the table. Isn't that the best part?
We all offered my Mom the top three things we wanted as we were trying to keep the leftovers under control. I wanted anything drenched in cheese and green bean casserole.
I had to include this lousy picture of our Turkey(Thank you cell phone camera) just because it made me think of the perfect turkey from the Christmas Story that was stolen by the neighbors dogs-LOL!
I was also thrilled to see these place setting made by the girls so everyone knew where their seats were. Made by hand with paint and their fingerprints-they will be around as decoration for a long time.
We make a good team. We had a delightful dinner of all of our favorites and has the mess cleaned up and the dishes done by 6pm. As I type the girls are in bed and Mom is relaxing on the couch watching Cooking shows. Can't get better than that in my eyes.
Hope your Holiday was all you hoped for.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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Gia's Spot said...

Glad your day was a happy one!

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