Monday, November 29, 2010

20 yr High School Reunion- Oh, My!

Yes, it has been 20 years since I left High School and started pretending to be an adult. I left Grafton High School at the end of Junior year and graduated in a much larger class at Falmouth High School. I admit I blended in, had about 6 friends-none of which I talk to any more and just survived until I could get out. I always wished I had stayed in Grafton. I moved a lot as a kid but spend the bulk of my school years in Grafton. Well as it turns out a few of my friends did the same and moved here, there and everywhere for Senior year but our friend Pat would not let us be uninvited so they searched for as many of us as they could via Facebook and told us we were all welcome. Funny thing is I still live in Falmouth but they couldn't locate me to invite me to their reunion. I only knew it happened by photos I saw around Facebook-Nice!
This photo is from Sophomore or Junior year. Of course I am the fool who is giggling in the back if you can't tell us apart with all the big hair. Someone who was taking our current picture laughed and mentioned that I still had the same smile. Well other things may be sagging and wrinkly but at least I still have that!

Unfortunately we are missing Shawna as she couldn't make it from (I think) Virginia and we had no Santa but i forgot how good friends we used to be. Jen and I laughed and she made fun of me when people came up and said Hi Jen and I looked perplexed and had no idea who the heck they were. They made name tags using people yearbook photos but the name was so small and I gave up trying to squint at peoples boobs. I resorted to Hey, you like an old Seinfeld episode.

I was feeling kind of nervous about who I would know as I have never really had a lot of friends no matter where I have lived but I hung with the people that I missed and said screw it to the rest. I mean I am glad to not be in High School and depend on what you think of my clothes and the car I drive to make friends. In the end I was no different than any of them 20 years later. God, I wish I had known that in High School.

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