Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I guess this is a funny statement coming from a person who blogs about everything from my lawn mowing to my heart breaking but I guess I want to say what I want to say and for you not to add your 2 cents.
In recent weeks I have continued to hear people express their opinions about me, my life and my choices. The thing is they have no information, the wrong information or half of the information.
I am learning so many things these days I feel sometimes like a teenager again. I wonder what my life would have been like if I knew these things much younger in life. I guess I am growing up. Damn, that sucks!
I am also learning a lot about trust. It is a strange thing. It is like an invisible net holding you up and sometimes it just disappears.Sometimes people tell you they are holding on to you but they just drop you like a hot stone when you aren't looking. I think I was foolish in the past and blindly trusted people-I mean I would never do anything to intentionally hurt someone so I don't see why they would do it to me. But again, I am learning.
I thought everyone knew all the facts but I guess they don't so now I am angry and trying to correct the misinformation that is out there. It isn't going to happen. It is like trying to plug a leaky dam, as soon as I dispel one false story another pops up.I am never going to be able to fix it all and as my mom has said-we are the gossip of the week, next week someone else will be the top story and we will drop from peoples lips. Great-I can't wait!
But in the meantime I will say a few things about my life at this point:
We are no longer together.
We are not going to get back together.
We both know this and have moved on with our lives the best way we know how and keeping the girls as the #1 priority though this whole process.
The only reason we have not filed for divorce is money not because we are hanging on to any hope.
So I am sorry if you do not agree with the fact that we are living separate lives while still married but if you would like to take your 2 cents and start a collection then just maybe we can be divorced sooner so that YOU can feel more comfortable with OUR situation.
As soon as the divorce is complete I plan on advertising it so that anyone who sees me out with another man can be rest assured that I am not doing anything wrong. I hope this clears it up for anyone who did not know all the details of my life but chose to chit-chat about it anyway.

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Bonnie said...

That was beautifully put.

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