Monday, March 29, 2010


Remember this?
This was my Blog header forever. After Easter goes by I need to get back to simpler times when I posted more of my own photos in the header.
Anyway, I am working hard on my new adventure-Cape Cod Macaroni Kid. It has really brought a lot of things to mind lately.
1st is the fact that I can't write too good! I am now becoming increasingly aware of how my brain has been fried by text messages, Facebook messages, email and shortened comments written on calls at work.
I am really excited and think this is going to a lot of fun but I do not want to sound like an idiot when my writing goes out to a hundred people to read. I am realizing that this website is similar to the part of my job that I like so much. At work someone may ask me to find a blue car owned by a guy names Dave. This is basically like trying to find a needle in a haystack. I have been using the same idea to hunt out some of the out of the ordinary activities I am posting to my newsletter.
Any Webkinz fans want to go check out the Wheel of Wow in Dennis?
I am also reminded of my social anxiety. Today I saw a person I know at the grocery store who I used to work with, she is friends with me on Facebook and now subscribing to my newsletter. So you would think when I see her in public and she talks to me I would stop and chat. But I become a bumbling idiot and throw out a few worlds and walk away. I am going to have to do something about this if I want this project to work. I have to talk to people. I made a ton of calls today to confirm details about events before I post them and I eventually will have to go places to get info or to check the event out-that will involve social skills.
Life is an adventure right? Can't enjoy it unless you take some chances.


Barry said...

So there are some typos. Big whoop. At least your trying. And as for seeing the friend in public.... might be a candidate for meditation. I've heard good things about it and it might help, though I have never done it officially - just my version of it (serenity now, lol).

Lauren said...

I hear ya on the typos etc. I can't really put it all together perfectly either.( I was an ace speller until I took Spanish!?) In fact, a little nerve-wracking when I have my 2nd grade teacher reading my blog every morning lol!..Just do your best. Anyone who's a mom will be able to translate and understand what you are trying to say. As for the around town errands...just slip a baseball cap on and go incognito :)

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