Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Doctor, Ikea and the Enchanted Village

First the important part-Follow up at the Doctor was short and sweet. He said the incisions looked great and the bumpiness will go away once the internal stitches heal up. There is nothing cuter than a little naked girl lifting up her donut belly to show you how good her bumps are healing. Best news from her point of view is she got the green light for tubs. It has been a long 10 days without her favorite past time and my panic as I watch gallons of water go down the drain as she plays in the shower.
Next we needed some lunch and the thought of a ground horse hoof burger from McDonald's was sending me over the edge. It took some extra time but was well worth it. We parked and rode the 2 escalators to the cafe at Ikea. Not only was the trip to the cafe fun but the meatballs were good and I didn't eat anything I shouldn't have. I even purchased some delicious goodies for Christmas gifts.
Next door to Ikea is Jordan's Furniture. Jordan's is the new home of the Enchanted Village. Click on the Enchanted Village link for a bit of history on the Village and how it came to Jordan's furniture. They also have the 3D Mom ride which featured the Polar Express but we were running out of time before I had to be to work and I was not sure Ava was going to squeak by the height restriction.
I let Olivia have a Foose Holiday and skip school because I had heard how busy this place was after school hours so forget the weekend. We got there about 1pm and there were only about a dozen people in front of us in line but the roped off section was set up to hold 100's of people. A friend went last week and waited over 2 hrs to get it. At the head of the line was a green screen and a woman taking pictures. I didn't know what that was about but we all smiled big. As we rounded the corner the line backed up a bit as people slowly entered the room and ooh'ed and aah'ed over each display. We were next to enter and Ava started jumping up and down and talking about how excited she was. Funny because I knew what I was headed for but they didn't so I hoped they would enjoy it as much as they anticipated it. We weaved around some slow pokes and were able to make our way through without a lot of people jammed around us so I was able to get some good pictures.Just as we were about to exit the display it started to snow. This was awesome. I have to say I think it was real snow. How cool!

Once we left this room I found out why our picture was taken. Although the Village is free there has to be money involved. It is America.
These are pictures of the pictures we left with, 2 8X6 photos for an arm and a leg. I thought they were great so I sucked it up.
By the time we discussed the price and I was told if I wanted a picture with Santa for the same low (ha,ha) price I would have to exit this line and enter that line. Of course half way to Santa 1 girl had to go pee. We get out of line, speed pee and get back to an even shorter Santa line. At this point I am thinking the stars might be on my side today. But no it was the calm before the storm.
Olivia is quick to sit, smile and ask for another Webkin while Ava stomps and screams that she is not doing it!!
Back in the original picture line to leave my arm and leg for these damn photos while my sweet daughter wilts. Once we get our folder and cut 14,000 people in line for the movie I find the next gift of this free experience-It dumps you out in the back of the largest furniture store in America and you must follow the signs to exit. All the while Ava is whining-I want my bubby and we are never going to find our car to get home. WE ARE LOST ~ she cries.
I promise her a bubby and a frigging pony if she will just be quiet while we get the heck out of here. I don't think we even made it to the Rt 24 exit ramp before she was sleeping. Poor Kid.
Maybe she needs some Click to keep up with me.
NO, Santa was not drunk but appears to be here.
Luckily I was able to make it home with about 15 minutes to dress for work. Thank God for Pot Roast at Roche brothers or I would just melt away.

In the end I would highly recommend this under a few suggestions:
1. During a weekday-early in the day.
2. With a leash or carriage for the little tots.
3. With your bank roll-for photos and possible furniture purchase.
4. After a decent lunch to sustain the exit hike.

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