Saturday, November 21, 2009

Squash my plans with a Hammer

Today was supposed to be a Mama's Day. Not an official Holiday but a rare day to say the least. Me and my best-est friend in the whole world were supposed to go off without any children and do something. I think it involved some shopping and lunch but frankly I would have been happy to dig a ditch as long as I was out with my friend, no children and no curfew.
I should have seen it coming but I am blind sometimes.
My daughter was being a pill, not too far off her norm but general pushing my buttons. After fighting with her to stay in bed and her crying again and again I decided to lay down with her to get her to sleep. Soon she drifted off and I quietly made my way back to bed.
Now I am just trying to get some quiet time and watch some TV when the oldest comes into my bed. I turn off the TV and light only to hear Ava start to moan. When I go check on her I find a Hot Pocket.
F'ing Heck!
Not too bad - 100.7. This is her normal pattern-Fever, Throw-up, Better.
Well, true to her history at 7am she is throwing up her juice in my bed.
I get everyone cleaned up and dressed and we head over to pick up my sister at the dealership.
P.S. My Mom's car is fixed-WooHoo!
Doesn't she barf all over herself and the car seat.
So after a bit of speed grocery shopping I return home to commence my 100 loads of laundry in warm water and bleach. I am happy to say all beds are washed, all car seats washed and fever seems to be gone.
Did I mention the other day how tired I am?

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Bonnie :) said...

Bummer. Can we PLEASE reschedule that? I was SOOOO looking forward to that trip!!!! When can we do it again?? And no one is allowed to be sick this time..NO ONE!!!!

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