Sunday, October 11, 2009

Typical Libra

Maybe it is the Libra in me but I am wishy-washy and can't seem to make a decision on big scary things. I procrastinate and leave things until it is too late. I don't want to make the wrong choice so I will just stay here on the fence Thank You very much. Maybe stick my head in the sand like I have been doing. Well eventually that bites you in the ass and I have been bitten.
I have F'ed up pretty good and put my family in a prickly situation and am not sure there is a way out. Not feeling too secure at this moment. I am doing everything I can right now but as it sounds it may not be enough-a little too little too late I guess.
I am stuck waiting for the powers that be to call and tell me the future direction for me and my family and I do not like that. "Mrs FB. we will get back to you in 15 business days."
Not a super religious person but I do believe that someone upstairs smacks you in the face every once in a while to straighten you out and this may be it. Will losing everything be best for our family?
Do I just let it all go or fight? That is the question of the day. We have made decisions in the past that now we look at and say we shouldn't have. I am trying to not do that again but is that preventable? If I sell my house will I kick myself in the ass in 2 years like we do now about leaving our last house? Don't even get me started about selling my sweetheart VW-God I miss that car.
I don't want to be a grown up anymore. I want someone else to tell me what to do.


Barry said...

"Regret and fear are twin thieves who rob us of today…"

I got this from a friend of ours...

Terri said...

Hang in there, my fellow libra.

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