Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cheaper is NOT always best

My oldest daughter has pushed out 4 grown up teeth (6 yo molars to be exact) and we didn't even know it. At her last dentist appointment they suggested she get sealants because we are hoping to keep these teeth until she is 96. The downside is that without dental insurance this is going to cost $90 per tooth. Quick math means $360. So always trying to save a buck I see the flyer at school for free sealants given by the CCCC Dental School. I have heard that this is a good program and besides the extra time involved you get great care as the work is done by a student and checked by the instructor.
We arrived and did all the necessary paperwork and found a seat down the hall. Some families decided to just wait in the hall standing so unknown to us they were taken right in by the first students to come out. We unfortunately were the last ones taken in although we were the first ones there. I am going to compare this to picking for a softball game. We got the last pick and you know what that means.
She survived and got all 4 sealants but it was after some bumps in the road. 1st was a disagreement between the 2 students over charting her teeth and the fact that they didn't notice she had 2 adult teeth in the front. After she kept repeating the facts to the 2nd student Olivia finally corrected her by saying " No I already lost 2 teeth and have grown up teeth right here." and she points to the bottom teeth. I know they are learning but this was just unorganized and a bit crazy.
I guess the sealants need to stay dry until they are cooked with this special light. So after she applies the sealant she realizes she doesn't have the light and is calling for her partner who is no where to be found.
She begins packing Olivia's mouth with cotton and telling her her mouth is juicy. The partner finally goes to the teacher and tells her they have to wait for a light to become available and the teacher is like ???? There are boxes of lights in the back room and takes her back there and they come out with cases of these magic lights.
Now we are back on track-I hope. After about an hour she is happy to get out of the chair and her cheeks are flaming and I hug her and I promise myself I will never put her through that again.
I forgot the best part-For some ungodly reason I brought Ava. So while all of this crap is happening she is playing with all the electric tooth brushes on display. One of the teachers thinks it is a good idea to put her in an empty dental chair and put her up and down - this after I repeatedly told her was not a place to play. Once she goes back to work she has left me with a dragon who is now getting tired and has not had dinner and wants to go way up and jump off the chair.
My Guilty Mom syndrome is now in full gear so I take her to her favorite place Taco Bell and let her order anything she wants for dinner.
3 crunchy tacos later and I am redeemed.

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Barry said...

I ended up marrying the girl who did my sealants at the dental school, but I knew she already knew what she was doing. :) Best hygienist ever.

Hopefully these sealants will get her through her teens. Remember, floss and brush daily.

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