Monday, August 17, 2009


After a horrible day yesterday where I had a crash and then pretty much filled my face all evening in an attempt to keep this train going - I have stopped.
I think I already told you I went back to the nutritionist at the end of June and she gave me a very skinny plan that would help me keep my sugar balanced. She did tell me that it was a little low calorie wise for me so I could add another snack or a protein shake to get it up to about 1500 calories.
Today I dug it out of it's hole in the bottom of a bill basket and took a look. It is a 7 day plan with 3 meals and a snack. I need more snacks to make it through the length of day I have but it is usually my choice of snack that kicks my ass.
I started off with a bowl of Kashi with milk and an apple at the grocery store.
Lunch was some egg salad while I cleaned out the fridge. I spent a decent amount of time prepping some food which included making a big salad so I have no excuse not to eat veggies, bowling up some cantaloupe and getting 2 dinners prepped with leftover fish and brown rice.
As you can read there was no mention of candy, cupcakes (red velvet on my stove right this minute), chips or crackers.
Spell it with me folks B-I-T-C-H-Y!! I want a Foley Peanut Butter Square and I want it now!!

As I am typing I had a big plate of Haddock and rice, luckily I am working alone. My stomach feels full but my head is still screaming.
I hate this and know it will take a few days to get over.
May God be with my family and co-workers.


Chels said...

Sorry for the cupcakes.

FBF said...

I can handle you and your crashes. Besides, I can outrun you if I get a head start. :)

There for ya, kiddo.

Terri said...

Hang in there!! You can do it!

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