Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mom- You look like a BOY

I was not sure I wanted to go here but for anyone who could use a laugh here goes.

I started out like this....

And ended up looking like this....Olivia took the picture so that is the reason I am a bit crooked.

As most of you know we went on the "Uniform Road Trip" Thursday. We all came back with what is more of a police style uniform than we are used to but that is part of the job.

I was not really nervous about the uniforms so much as traveling with the Chief but that part turned out fine. I had intended to bring the photos I have of myself putting both my legs into 1 pant leg of the old uniform pants but I could get my crap together and didn't want to be late.

I was perfectly happy to stand and be measured. They did not have a shirt that fit me so they had to get a larger shirt and have it tailored-DOWN!!! I have never had that happen in my life. The last time I was there it was whispered about how I was too large for any of their women's sizes and left with a man's size 50 pant. A Fucking 50!!! I can't even believe that.

Pants were the same- I am a woman so basically lets make sure your hips fit and we can take in your waist- I was perfectly Ok with that chalk mark too.

To regular people this is not very interesting but for the WLS peeps out there this was great. I am now bound to this size as I can't afford to be bouncing up due to the left over Valentine's candy so that should be a good thing.

In any event I got myself dressed Saturday for the first time in the new bus driver Bob outfit and my 5 year old looks me up and down a couple of times and say-"Mom you look like a boy!"

Overtime checks must be deposited into the plastic surgery account from now on-LOL!


Barry said...

We be stylin' now.

Keep up the good work!

Bonnie:) said...

That story would have been way better if you were talking abou a beautiful bridesmaids dress....but damn...that uniform is UUUUUUUGLY!...So sorry you have to wear it, but glad your wearing it skinny!!!

Katie said...

Lucien said you look TOUGH!

Por2gee said...

*does running man dance* you go girl! I look forward *winks* to dawning that bad larry this fall

Becky/anewbecboo said...

The new uniform may be ugly and manly, but I've met you and you DON'T look like a boy!!!! YOU are a gorgeous woman inside and out!!!
You gotta love the things that come out of the mouths of babes!!!

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