Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I am calling her The HULK

I have a daughter that I lovingly call "The beast" on the blog and I am mildly concerned that this will mark her psychological development and then I see this.....

and I think - The damage is pretty much already done.

See our first daughter was the model child. We took her anywhere. She was good, an angel almost compared to the second one.

This child is the devil in a 2 foot tall body.

Just for example: Yesterday she is upstairs playing with her cousin and I am on the computer, after a while they head downstairs. I finally notice how quiet it is. I walk down the stairs to find the entire DVD collection ( maybe 40) all over my floor and even some out of the cases. I am already steaming and yelling at her to help me clean it up (HaHaHa) while I sit on the floor and clean and match up all those damn DVD's to their cases. She has the balls to come in and start asking to watch a movie. After I explain over my dead body is she going to watch or touch a movie again I walk into my kitchen and she has climbed up on a stool and emptied my bill box all over the floor and written on all the papers with magic marker.

I begin to think..... Where is the receipt for her ass I am returning this brat. Oh no darling I own her - No Returns. So then I start thinking Dog Crate or Boarding School. There are plenty of good families looking for a child of their own.

Shit I love the devil too much for that. But she is running me ragged.

On a better note I don't think I posted about this but she got a spot in Preschoool at Teacticket next year for 2 days and she is very excited. She talks about it all the time. Maybe she just needs some direction or boot camp.


Barry said...

A. - what is a "by bill box"?
2. - is she in a dog crate in that last picture?

The school will LOVE her!

secret admirer said...

Are you sure your the mother? She might have been switched at birth. Next time mark the kid with a sharpie right after you spit her out....your own fault.

Terri said...

Thanks for the laugh...I needed that giggle today! Personally, I think her anticts are an example of how brilliant she is. You better keep an eye on that one when she's a teenager!

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