Sunday, November 23, 2008

Meeting with the diabetic nutritionist

Friday I had my first appointment with a diabetic nutritionist - she is supposed to be helping me regulate what I think is reactive hypoglycemia.
Short version is I eat a sugary or high fat/carb food and 90 minutes latter my sugar reading drops to between 30-50. Now i just eat all day as many of you has seen. I do this mostly without thinking. When I have tried to cut down on my eating and longer periods of time occur between meals or snacks I tend to have more reactions. When I just nosh all day I am able to balance my sugar but pack on pounds.
So that is fantastic. I had Gastric Bypass Surgery and am back to putting on weight. The funny thing is I am angry about it. I hate myself for the smallest weight gain and that only leads to more chocolate. It is a revolving shit storm.
She wants me to food diary for 2 weeks so be ready for alot of blah,blah,blah about what I have been eating. I need to try to eat every 3 hrs to keep the sugar balanced but a decent balance of carb and protein. I feel more and more confused about what I am supposed to do after GBS. I am losing the basics I thought I was supposed to do. She says add more carbs but I am a carb addict so this seems counterproductive for me.
I am going to give it a whirl by planning out the next few days. She says she hopes we can manage this with food.
I am still looking into the difference between Dumping and Reactive Hypoglycemia as she says the food diary will help us determine which I truely have. Reading explanations of both sounds like they are the same thing.


Barry said...

As always, I will be there to support you, but commit you must. This is not the best time of year to do this (holiday food bonanzas) but let's get it under control. I don't know how to make it easier for you. I look at certain food as pure poison now (Foley cheesecake and Joe's cookies for example), which helps me stay away from it. Similar to how I think of cigarettes.

Remember why you took this on in the first place. Your girls, if I am not mistaken.

We'll be there for you!

Melting Mama said...

And I will slap you via internet as much as possible because, I am also comatose along with you. We can't eat this shit. You know it. :)

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