Friday, June 27, 2008

Sort of a survey while I am away....

I have always thought about a tattoo as my husband has one but I am a firm believer in getting something you will like forever.
I only have 2 things I would love forever..... Oh wait besides the family and all that crap.
Volkswagens and Frosting - So as I was looking for some photos for my blog and came upon this pic.
What would be better than a cupcake tattoo'd on my body. I need something to remind me of how I got to 306 lbs. Maybe I will get it on my wrist and every time I am thinking of eating a sugary delight I will snap an elastic band on my wrist. Ouch!! Isn't that a form of therapy ??
Or you will find me sitting in my closet licking my tattoo on a really bad day.
Maybe a Volkwagen tattoo would be a better idea?


Perplexed said...

Awesome, freaky and FUN!

BONNIE said...

DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Por2gee said...

We could go togther!!! Spilt milk is the only place to go in my opinion, Mark is the man, truly! And that is most excellent, tattoos should hold meaning, and I think one on your foot would be cool, juts like the one in the picture!!! Its easier to conceal for work purposes than on your wrist, and you'd have more of a canvas on your foot than your wrist, if you tried to squish it on your wrist it'd look like one of those entemann's grease ball cupcakes ......

Melting Mama said...

Heh heh. I can think of other places. Not the foot. That's just icky, for a food item. But, other places might be fun for a Frosted Cuppycake. ;)

I'm getting one when I get closer to goal. Maybe on the back of my neck.

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