Monday, May 5, 2008

Wogging update

I knew Sunday was going to be a bad day- Circus Food.
I started my day with a 45 minute walk in a light rain. Not bad.
I had a protein shake before I left figuring a good start is better than nothing. I did OK, I guess, at the circus - just way too many carbs. Now I am working the midnight shift so I packed some serious meat to try to counter the carbs. (Pork chops and apple sauce and some steak and squash)
Anyway back to the Wogging. I had every intention of doing more today and then I woke up. Was I in a car accident - No. Oh I must have rode a bull last night!! My legs hurt like a mother-Thanks Joe. Guess what? I am not a jogger. I walked or maybe limped for 45 minutes this morning and took 2 Tylenol. I don't take drugs but today I was dreaming of 800mg of Advil-another shit side effect of WLS - no advil.
The good part of this day is that after a midnight night shift and some morning responsibilities I don't have time to walk tomorrow so we will take a rest day. I think I will slather my body in Bengay or something.
Laugh away suckers - I know you are.


Barry said...

So, I am up and have been for a while. I forgot you were working the midnight shift!

I was going to post the following to MM regarding your circus experience, but decided against it....

"Here's I how I avoid filling up on crap (and I used to LOVE crap!)... I have convinced myself that vendors at places like this don't wash their hands (EVER) or if they're wearing those stupid vinyl gloves, they NEVER change them, and/or the "food" is full of rat droppings or some other nasty pathogen.(DISCLAIMER.... I'm not saying this IS actually the case, but it keeps me from eating this stuff and regretting it later). One year this paid off as a bunch of people became ill after eating stuff at a local big event. And obviously you know the Mrs. can't eat any of this anyway, but I sure could and used to. Fried dough was a favorite. Now I could care less."

Too extreme? Luckily I am able to compartmentalize the thoughts and am still able to go out to restaurants and such, but it is really helpful for me. I would feel just awful after eating some of the stuff at the fair.

Fooseberry said...

She is a germ-phobe so she might barf after reading that.
Actually all we bought was a bucket o'popcorn and a tray of chips and nasty but delish cheese sauce and split it amung all of us. So the damage was minimal. I also stayed far from the 2 bags of cotton candy that went around. I did have a few sugar cookies I brought from home but hey it was a circus.
I thought you would post about your vita-mix blender.

chellamac said...

I just ran 2 miles. At 6am. Somethings wrong.

Barry said...

chella- was someone chasing you? ;)
Good for you to get out there!
I just walked to the coffee pot and back to my computer chair. Does that count?

FB - sounds like you did well then. And good idea limiting the $$ you brought.

Fooseberry said...

I am hurting still. This chair is NOT helping.

chellamac said...

I feel great.....for now.

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