Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Just a little here and there...

So I am feeling a little off kilter.
I am doing a double shift(4-12a then 12a-8a) for the next 2 nights. It always makes me a little stressed. I have a sewing class from 9-12 tomorrow so the chance of wogging or napping is not happening.
I need some cash- and bad. I applied for another job today and will have to sacrifice my kids to do this as it would be day time hours. My husband is not working right now. He is making some things happen on the side but not mortgage making things that is for sure. I am just not sure where that is going to go. He is looking in the paper but of course nothing is there above deli clerk or below Doctor. He hasn't ever been out of work that I remember so this is hard on him too.
I try not to write crappy stuff on the blog as everyone can bitch about something but I feel like I need to purge a little, kind of like a steam valve.
I am not one to ask for help but we are getting to the point where that may be are only option.
I truely have thought and even said out loud " I will let my house go." Crazy as that sounds I see people losing their house left and right and their credit is shot but their life is better. I don't want to do it but working 80 hr/wk is not healthy for me or my family. I can rent a place for 1/2 my mortgage. I have put off getting a dog because when I lose my house I will have a harder time finding a place that allows dogs. I just spoke to someone trying to get rid of their dogs due to foreclosure.
My husband says he is buying $5 worth the quick picks tonight for the lottery. Funny is my Dad always would always say" If I ever win the lottery...." Yeah that never happened. On the off chance I do I will surely post a happier post with some $$ for my friends.
So if you are in the market for a 4 bedroom house on Cape Cod, I have the place for you at the low, low, low price of $317,098.00.


Perplexed said...

I feel that. Going in the a.m. to check out a possible job situation.
If I could help I would. You know that my friend. But when I WIN the lottery I will definately help you out.

henri915 said...

Yeah, I seem to end up looking for a job every F&^king year. I'm SICK of it too. I feel for your husband right now. Not fun at all.

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