Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dog Kisses

Some of you know this story so I will keep is short-

About 6 yrs ago we decided to get a dog and started working thru the process of adopting from a Boxer rescue. Soon we found the best dog in the whole world at the local MSPCA and took her home. She was with us thru 2 babies and buying our first house and we had not one complaint about her. Unfortunately we had to put her to sleep in February due to cancer that was just making her too uncomfortable and unable to walk.

We have now decided that we miss her tremendously and want another dog. My youngest used to sit in her dog bed with her and watch TV( I think she shared a few Cheez-its too as Kohl was alll too happy to have a partner in her bed.)

We have just finished the adoption process once again with Second Chance Boxer Rescue and are looking for the right dog for us.

Our Requirements:

Must tolerate Fatcat (Don't have to be friends but you can't eat the cat.)

Must enjoy having your hair brushed with a Barbie brush.

Must like being put to bed with covers on and share your bed for afternoon cartoons.

Olivia also says you must like cereal because we need someone to clean it off the floor after Ava.

We are not too picky as long as the dog doesn't eat kids or cats we figure we can figure out the rest. Well after meeting 2 dogs today that a friend of a friend needs to find a home for I realized just how naive I am. He has 2 pure bred boxers that he is looking to find a home for together. That is a little more than we want but what the heck I think.

Well Holy Shit!!!

These dogs were big and hyper and on the furniture-I mean couch, coffee table in the bed and mowed over poor Ava about 3 times. I left there in amazement. First how can you let the dogs be so crazy with no discipline? And Pee - we won't even go there.

Anyway we came home and decided to look again and see what was available at SCBR.

They have a dog that may be good for us so I sent a message and we wait.

Soon we may have another snoring dog in the house and I can't wait.

By the way this is Moxie-No promises but isn't she cute?


Barry said...

Awesome tongue!

Kohl was a great dog.

Another 'right one' will come along.

Anonymous said...

Your so smart for taking your time finding the right dog....I mean, look at Rufus T. Dufus..It's been 10 months and were JUST settling in with him. I'm suprised we survived, I'm more suprised HE did!!!

henri915 said...

I'd like to reiterate what my wife posted above. NEW DOGS TAKE TIME. A new dog will smell the remnants of your old dog and mark the new territory. If you're not ready for that, you're not ready for a new dog.

Kohl was a GREAT dog. I miss her! The next dog is going to have more energy than you're used to, be more stubborn and truly try your patience. Make sure everyone is on board for this!

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