Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Lighthouses and Laundry

Today I was supposed to take a Historic Acadia/Lighthouse boat cruise. I am sore and tired so I figured it would e a great break. They also only do this particular trip once a week.
I set my alarm for the first time this week but was instead awoken by a Good Morning text from Ava. This trip is the longest I have been away from them ever. I will say that I miss them and my dog tremendously.
I had already purchased my ticket so I decided to sit down on the dock by the gate. People came and went and when I checked my watch I say it was 9:25. I was supposed to board at 9 and leave at 9:30 so the next person who walked past I asked. 
Oh, it's been cancelled. 
I was happy the refunded me while the kid explained it was rough seas outside the Bay. He said I could take the afternoon Nature cruise instead but I passed. 
I took a walk around Bar harbor again and say it was low tide so I could walk over to Bar Island. This cool little sand bar is only exposed for 4 hours a day. I walked and looked for shells but also notified how wiped out I felt and how my lungs are sore so I went half way across and turned back. Glad I did because by the time I made it back to the road half the bar was under water. I didn't know how fast it would happen. A man drove out in his car when I first got there and I thought he was nuts but it turns out he lives on the bay and drives down once a day to warn the tourists.

It rained over night but as you can see in about an hour it changed to one of the best days ever. It was about 60 all day. The last time I was here I never got to "The quiet side" so I figured it would be a good day to do it. I got turned around a couple times but it really didn't matter because I just saw little nooks and harbors and lobster boats everywhere. Also this being the quiet side means nothing was open.
If I was going to miss the Lighthouse tour I could at least actually visit once so I traveled to the Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse. It was gorgeous by the time I got here. I also think the "rough seas" story was bullshit as I was on the southern most point and it was clear and calm with many boats in and out. I think it was more of an issue that he mentioned yesterday that not many tickets had been sold. These 2 days of the week there would not be any cruise ships in port.

Cool enough were a couple small signs asking people not to walk or picnic on the grass. Also please respect the Coast Guard family who lives in this house. I can imagine that would be awesome unless of course you have a bus unload on your front lawn.

I hadn't has breakfast and not it was almost lunch. I followed signs to a Lobster restaurant only to find it miles in nat a dead end and closed. Screw it. I ate an orange and headed home.
This gem came out of no where.
It was like a 50's drive up with signs for Lobster, friend clams and Coca Cola.  The benches were supported by lobster traps and a hammock out back. The outdoor kitchen is where lobsters were cooked too.

This was about the best lobster roll I have ever had and cost about $16. It's bigger than I expected and I even got a pickle. With a full belly I headed home for a nap.
I did some laundry and purchased some NyQuil to round out my biggest party day of the week. Maybe a decent nights sleep will help.

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