Sunday, January 17, 2016

Well Being Check

We do these all the time at work on people who's family hasn't spoken to them in a while or elderly people in a snowstorm but who really does one on the person who appears to be functioning normally?? 
I have started this year off with a bang physically walking or running almost 50 miles. I love the feeling of tired muscles, being outdoors and the endorphins. 
I have a physical with a new doctor next Tuesday so I had a blood draw last Tuesday. I also have been keeping a list of things I want to ask about. I want to be running this body the best it can so I can continue to push my limits. 
A few days ago a nurse called about one of my tests being elevated and she asked me what I have been doing lately that may have produced muscle strain. I laughed. Running and walking. Then I remembered the hellish hot yoga class I took 2 days before the blood draw. When I told her that she laughed and said "Oh, I've taken one of those. I bet that was it." She suggested more water and drinks with electrolytes. 
I was a little nervous. I wanted more info but not wanting to Google Panic. So I started looking up this test and saw that dehydration can cause this muscle stress. Now Google dehydration. 
Funny enough but almost every issue I wanted to discuss with her can be a side effect of dehydration. 
I have been thinking about it, not in a panic sort of way but in a lets get a better handle on it. I think I have found that I was probably not managing it well before the appendix crap and then I spent 2 lousy stints in the hospital with no IV fluids and NPO. I then battled diarrhea for a month after all the antibiotics. This seems to be the turning point where it became a serious problem and now we need to correct it. 
With Gastric Bypass you are not supposed to drink 30 minutes before and at least 30 minutes but ideally 60 minutes after a meal. This plus my love of drinking coffee cuts down on the time I can be drinking water. I also had no clue I should be drinking about 3 times what I usually drink WITHOUT physical exercise. For example today is about 37 degrees. I walked for about an hour and sweat. My breath was elevated and so was my heart rate. So that means more fluids kid!! Who's thinking to drink in the Winter? Not this chick. 
I am definitely not doing enough. 
My Mom just stopped by and we got to talking about this. I look down at myself as I type and see this. Why is it that I buy clothes at a discount store to fuel my hobbies, I patch education and trips together randomly and I think I can just wing it? I am so busy thinking I am not a real runner, hiker, whatever that I am trying to do it all with my normal half ass food program. 
I really, really want to do any random adventure I can afford and the only way I can do this is to ramp up the care of this body. I treated it like shit for many years. I still don't give it credit for the awesome things it does. Always looking at the negatives instead of the achievements. 
Tuesday my list will be addressed and firm.  I always back down when a doctor tells me it's nothing, I don't need it or that's excessive. She gave me this impression when I had a meet and greet 6 months ago. I have decided that if she can't or won't help me I will change Doctors again. I find it frustrating that people abuse the medical system and get things they don't need but when you seek assistance to get and stay healthy it is a battle. 

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06/21/08 Mashpee Fun Run 34:21 11:05
07/19/08 Mashpee Woodlands 36.49 11:52
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