Monday, November 9, 2015

Leaving Candyland again

I'm doing it again.
I almost don't even want to type it but I don't have another outlet. I have been stepping back from my online support group. I am trying to find a healthy balance between the "rules" and actually following the rules of bariatric living.
Fact is I need to do it. I run like a fine oiled machine when I do but right now I am uninspired, unsatisfied and not in the mood. This is a recipe for disaster and the main reason why I have tried and failed so many times lately.
A few weeks ago I hit the Fresh Market at the kids school and scored these acorn squash and some butternut squash. I roasted these tonight and ate them with some left over steak tips. Meh, it's food I guess.
It has been about 5 days and I still struggle at night. I am eating spoons of natural peanut butter to I don't know distract me, fill a hole, coat my guilty conscious?
I might see a slight improvement but no real joy right now. I want to ramp it up a little and add more fish. My go to choices are quick to make so I have no excuse.
I also need fats and vegetables. I am lacking avocado, nuts and veggies.   
A good chopped salad with some cheese sounds right about now.
Right now I am just still angry about losing it and the work it is taking to get it back. I am also tired. That always makes for a negative attitude for me.
Bed at 8.
Food tomorrow.
Feeling powerful the next day.

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