Sunday, April 5, 2015

Skyline Trail Blue Hills with my new Partner

 This is actually the second time I have done this trail. This time it is with a new partner. I was not sure how she would do. I am aware of some old injuries and just not sure what she has done in the past but for 2 months I know she was living in a kennel. One thing I did forget was as you start this trail behind the State Police barracks it is a straight climb up rocks. Like I am out of breathe and thinking I will leave my jacket here and get it when I leave. Ha! The photo above is her at the first out crop where you can see for miles especially on a day like today.
See any struggling? Yeah me neither. I soon just unhooked her from the 20ft leash as people were pretty sparse after this spot and the terrain was actually making the leash more of a problem for both her and I.

 It was amazing to me that we saw so many different trails all in one day. We started out dry with leaves but soon found this after we came down the first hill. Snow and ice which soon turned to melted rivers, mud and puddles which she did fine with. You will see some photos below where she just walks through a river. Screw the rocks or bridges. I mean it's 50, isn't that Summer?

This marker was actually at the end of the trail we hiked at this Tower. I am sure there was one at the beginning which I missed. After a selfie, a snack and some water he headed over the bridge and back to complete the circle to the car. 

 She will do anything, including sit pretty for a picture if I bribe her with cookies. She truly did deserve more than she got. She ran, frolicked and listened well when I told her to "leave it" about anything including other dogs or people and waited when I needed to put her back on her leach. We did that when we approached people or dogs as much as possible.

 This (sorry it is blurry but it was a tough hike) is the last hill down. I was trying to show just one part of this trail that she cooked through like nothing. This is when I tried to put her back on the leach as we were approaching the road. Um, what leash? When I stopped about a mile ago to take off a layer I must have left it behind. Crap!
Well being our first big hike I had a pack with tons of extra stuff including an extra leash just to be safe. I estimate it was about 3 miles including the getting lost and taking the green dot trail by accident and we hard hikes for about 1hour and 45 minutes. I saw no limp, no whining and no bad behavior. We had an awesome time. Only thing I got after that was snores.
Funny but about a month ago I joined a few women's hiking groups to get out and not be alone. I haven't been able to get to any as I work Saturday's and the other is always Friday at 4pm. Now I am thinking I can't bring my dog on their hikes so I guess I am kind of out.
Well at least there is Yoga.

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Barry said...

LOVE! 'nuff said.

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