Thursday, March 26, 2015


Where do I even start? So a while back I found an article that was about finding hiking groups for women hikers in your area. This lead me to a website called Meet-up.
Turns out you can search for things you like to do and join groups. Those groups then post their activities on this website and you can jump on board whatever you would like.
I have joined 2 women's hiking groups and 1 Cape Cod hiking/walking group. Sadly most of the Southcoast groups hikes are Saturday mornings and I can't make those.
Well this group also does other things and you can set up a meet if you want to do something and members to join you.
Last week-Hot Yoga introduction class $13.
I have always wanted to try yoga and felt overwhelmed. I am thinking this gets me to a meet, I don't know anyone anyway and finally Why the Hell not?
I freaking loved it. It is hard but feels good. My brain leaves calm. My muscles are working but I am not in an obnoxious aerobics class. I seriously love it almost more for how it calms me and I am so relaxed when I leave. It's a dark room about 85 degrees. I have no idea what I am doing and I have to focus really hard on what she is saying so I know what the heck to do with my body. There is really no time to think about bullshit. I am basically trying not to fall on my ass.
After the intro class I decided to go back and try a regular class. It ended up being only myself and her niece. We definitely worked a little harder. I found some pictures of a few things we did. Part of the trouble for me is that I do not know the names of things so a dolphin or a cobra? No clue. I just close my eyes and listen to what she says with an occasional peek to see what the hell position she is in.
So last week she says let's try this Sun-Salutation. Ok, sure. We did 3 rounds of it. Looks easy but you try it. I'm sort of glad I found this photo because I still don't know what the heck to do before the cobra I think she called it an alligator but now I see it. LOL!

Oh and this below is the plow. First time I was like oh man this ass is going over and tried not to but then I find out I am supposed to go all the way over. Yeah, did that Tuesday night. My legs are not straight out yet but I think over time I can get stronger and more flexible but for now she says do what your body can do and it shouldn't hurt.

Sounds crazy but I like it. I also don't mind the drive. It's a little dance in the car time, I don't know any body and I love her voice.

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Barry said...

I've been expanding my exercise as well care of an accidental find on the interewebs. Sore, but in a good way. Stick with it and don't be discouraged. I'm so happy for you and your getting out of your comfort zone.

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