Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My Stomach is in a knot.

I just had an interesting conversation this morning about letting things go that you can't control. Worry doesn't do any good so why waste your energy on it.
I believe this for the most part but sometimes it is tough to do or I should say not do.
Currently my 'Worry" is in full effect.
I have tackled some big ass things in the last 4-5 years and every one took almost a year. I think I just found this years thing. It won't take a year because I will work my ass off and because I have taken care of all the other stuff. I have gotten rid of the other stresses, most of the excess and I am in a really good place right now.
The evil is MONEY.
I do not want to be afraid to hear from my Landlord. I need them right now. If I can't pay my rent how the Hell can I move if they throw me out?
I need a safety net.
I am so sick of struggling to do normal things.
I want to have a life not live to work.
Well that last one may not work until I dig out.
Good news is the hole isn't as huge because I have no credit. I have a house, car and utilities.
Of course they are all behind but that needs to stop. I am at the edge of the ledge too often and 1 thing like a hospital visit which cost me hundreds of dollars in Holiday pay cooked me. I now need to work a ton to fix it. I didn't want to spend my tax refund on bills but it sounds like that may happen again.

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