Thursday, December 25, 2014

My 1st Ride in an Ambulance

Well this was fun......not.
Last Monday I had a tummy ache that moved onto sharper pains in my belly button that then decided to amp up to pretty ouchies when I bent over to pick something up. 
My doctor's office was already closed so I decided to head to the ER. 
I will yada-yada-yada you up to the point when they take a bunch of blood, pee and heart rates and ask for the 5th time if I have been to Africa lately and I finally have a Doctor ask What is going on?
At this point I show him the golf ball lump on top of my belly button that I have found and diagnosed myself while waiting and I say.....I don't think this is supposed to be here.
That kind Doctor decides to push as hard as he can 2 FUCKING TIMES and guess what? It didn't go anywhere but up to an 8 on the pain scale and make me threaten to punch him in this face if he did it again.
Next thing I know he is explaining that their surgeons will not fix it and I need to go to Tobey Hospital as that is where I had Gastric Bypass. Yay, you will be traveling by Cape Cod Ambulance.
OK I will add it has been 10 days and I am over it. Sort of like after you have a baby. The bad memories are tucked away. 
 I will make some suggestions. 
Advocate for yourself. Speak up and don't be afraid to ask for food or pain medication or help to the bathroom just because you don't want to wake your room mate or bother the nurse. 
You will be uncomfortable and others don't afford you the same courtesy. I finally asked for help once I realized she was awake and not caring about waking me. By then I was in extreme pain and not sleeping. Foolish.
I am happy to say I am on the up swing now. Tired but Christmas is exhausting never mind throw in a quick and unplanned surgery. 
Speaking of that, I need to hit the hay.

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