Sunday, August 10, 2014

Holy Crazy Day.

We started Thursday with a quick dentist appointment for Ava. Little baby cavity met it's demise.
Here is when it goes a little haywire.
So I am chatting with a person and he mentions he is headed to Nelson park in Plymouth, Great fun! beach, playground and splash pad. I NEVER meet a new person with my children. They have never met someone I date. 
I just decide to do it. Its public, it's a playground. You meet new people at a playground all the time.
Except he doesn't show. No biggy. I mean it is a beautiful day and we are at a playground. Screw it. Still had a great time until a neighbor calls to me and says I saw thunder over there in the sky.

We pack stuff up and bring it closer to the wall for a quicker exit but we keep playing. See the difference in the clouds overhead in the photo below. So all of a sudden it hits....rain and thunder. We run up the beach, scramble over the wall and jump under this little shelter. It is like a bus stop with no sides and a top.
I tell them we will just sit until it passes. There is another family under the other one with a Mom, Dad, 3 year old and a baby. They are doing the "Isn't New England weather cool? " bit with their kids so I play along.
Yeah until the rain starts to come in sidewards, the hail starts and you can't even see the waters edge never mind the horizon that we saw so clearly 15 minutes ago.
Finally a break in that typhoon. It is still raining but we can see blue sky on the other side so we run to the car. Believe this-The rain stopped and I walked to the bathroom with the sun peaking out.
I am SOAKED to the bone. The kids are changing into their dry clothes and I am dripping.
Text: Hey, how is the weather there? Sorry I got held up doing an errand.
Really dude?
Plan #2:How about pump and jump n the Mall?
I explain I need a quick stop at the laundromat where I throw all my clothes in a dryer and try again.
I also explain this is either a really good sign or a really bad sign for a first meeting. I also explain I am in wet underwear and makeup no longer exists. You get what you get. I am not driving home to Falmouth and back and I am not wasting money. At this point I don't care.

Pump and Jump was ok. It affords us a couple hours to chat. Let's put it this way. His 5 year old son was awesome. Cute, funny and polite.
Haven't heard from him again.
Pretty much ok with that too.
I am learning that I make my own terrific date. See Saturday's post. :)

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